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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1996Antimalarial drugs reduce cytoadherence and rosetting of Plasmodium falciparumR. Udomsangpetch; B. Pipitaporn; S. Krishna; B. Angus; S. Pukrittayakamee; I. Bates; Y. Suputtamongkol; D. E. Kyle; N. J. White; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2000The mechanisms of parasite clearance after antimalarial treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malariaK. Chotivanich; R. Udomsangpetch; A. Dondorp; T. Williams; B. Angus; J. A. Simpson; S. Pukrittayakamee; S. Looareesuwan; C. I. Newbold; N. J. White; Mahidol University; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
3-Feb-1998Rosetting characteristics of uninfected erythrocytes from healthy individuals and malaria patientsK. T. Chotivanich; R. Udomsangpetch; B. Pipitaporn; B. Angus; Y. Suputtamongkol; S. Pukrittayakamee; N. J. White; Mahidol University; Rangsit University; John Radcliffe Hospital
1-Jan-1997Semi-quantitative measurement of Plasmodium falciparum antigen PfHRP2 in blood and plasmaV. Desakorn; K. Silamut; B. Angus; D. Sahassananda; K. Chotivanich; P. Suntharasamai; J. Simpson; N. J. White; Mahidol University; John Radcliffe Hospital
1-Jan-1995A simple method for assessing quinine pre-treatment in acute malariaK. Silamut; R. Hough; T. Eggelte; S. Pukrittayakamee; B. Angus; N. J. White; Mahidol University; University of Amsterdam; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine