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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Rational Zika vaccine design via the modulation of antigen membrane anchors in chimpanzee adenoviral vectorsCésar López-Camacho; Peter Abbink; Rafael A. Larocca; Wanwisa Dejnirattisai; Michael Boyd; Alex Badamchi-Zadeh; Zoë R. Wallace; Jennifer Doig; Ricardo Sanchez Velazquez; Roberto Dias Lins Neto; Danilo F. Coelho; Young Chan Kim; Claire L. Donald; Ania Owsianka; Giuditta De Lorenzo; Alain Kohl; Sarah C. Gilbert; Lucy Dorrell; Juthathip Mongkolsapaya; Arvind H. Patel; Gavin R. Screaton; Dan H. Barouch; Adrian V.S. Hill; Arturo Reyes-Sandoval; University of Oxford; Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz; Imperial College London; Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; Harvard Medical School; University of Glasgow
1-Mar-2012Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the toll-like receptor 3 and CD44 genes are associated with persistence of vaccine-induced immunity to the serogroup C meningococcal conjugate vaccineCatrin E. Moore; Branwen J. Hennig; Kirsten P. Perrett; J. Claire Hoe; Sue J. Lee; Helen Fletcher; Denise Brocklebank; Daniel O'Connor; Matthew D. Snape; Andrew J. Hall; Shelley Segal; Adrian V.S. Hill; Andrew J. Pollarda; University of Oxford; Mahidol University; London School of Hygiene &amp; Tropical Medicine; Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics; University of Melbourne; Angkor Hospital for Children
1-Mar-2017The Threshold of protection from liver-stage malaria relies on a fine balance between the number of infected hepatocytes and effector cd8<sup>+</sup>t cells present in the liverAlexandra J. Spencer; Rhea J. Longley; Anita Gola; Marta Ulaszewska; Teresa Lambe; Adrian V.S. Hill; University of Oxford; Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research; Mahidol University
29-Sep-2015Transcriptional changes induced by candidate malaria vaccines and correlation with protection against malaria in a human challenge modelSusanna Dunachie; Tamara Berthoud; Adrian V.S. Hill; Helen A. Fletcher; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; Mahidol University; London School of Hygiene &amp; Tropical Medicine