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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018Factors related to improvement of excessive femoral antetorsion of the hips in childrenPilan Jaipanya; Patarawan Woratanarat; Decharat Imjai; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Aug-2020Is there difference of BMD between non-obese and obese children? - A cross-sectional study in 194 thai childrenSorawut Thamyongkit; Ukris Ghunadham; Paphon Sa-Ngasoongsong; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; Umaporn Suthutvoravut; Patarawan Woratanarat; Pornchai Mulpruek; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Jan-2014Meta-analysis of hypercoagulability genetic polymorphisms in perthes diseasePatarawan Woratanarat; Charnwit Thaveeratitharm; Thira Woratanarat; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; John Attia; Ammarin Thakkinstian; Mahidol University; Chulalongkorn University; University of Newcastle, Australia
1-Jan-2012Meta-analysis of pinning in supracondylar fracture of the humerus in childrenPatarawan Woratanarat; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; Sasivimol Rattanasiri; John Attia; Thira Woratanarat; Ammarin Thakkinstian; Mahidol University; University of Newcastle, Australia; Chulalongkorn University
1-Mar-2018Orthopedic problems in thai obese childrenChanika Angsanuntsukh; Ukris Gunadham; Patarawan Woratanarat; Paphon Sa-Ngasoongsong; Suthawadee Sukcharoensin; Umaporn Suthutvoravut; Pornchai Mulpruek; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Mar-2018Relationship between medial humeral epicondyle fractures and forearm rotation: A cadaveric studyTodsaporn Sirithiantong; Patarawan Woratanarat; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; Tanyawat Saisongcroh; Umaporn Udomsubpayakul; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015Shaft-Condylar Angle for surgical correction in neglected and displaced lateral humeral condyle fracture in childrenPornchai Mulpruek; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; Patarawan Woratanarat; Paphon Sa-Ngasoongsong; Tulyapruek Tawonsawatruk; Pongsthorn Chanplakorn; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2018Thai classical dance exercise for fall preventionPittavat Leelapattana; Sittiporn Unyaphan; Chaiwat Kraiwattanapong; Patarawan Woratanarat; Chusak Kijkunasathain; Chanika Angsanuntsukh; Wiwat Wajanavisit; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015Traumatic injury in a child with scurvy: A case reportChanika Angsanuntsukh; Kulapat Chulsomlee; Anan Taracheewin; Suphaneewan Jaovisidha; Thira Woratanarat; Patarawan Woratanarat; Mahidol University; Chulalongkorn University