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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2008Patterns of smoking among adolescents in Malaysia and Thailand: Findings from the International Tobacco Control Southeast Asia SurveyDavid Hammond; Foong Kin; Aree Prohmmo; Nipapun Kungskulniti; Tan Y. Lian; Sharad K. Sharma; Buppha Sirirassamee; Ron Borland; Geoffrey T. Fong; University of Waterloo; Universiti Sains Malaysia; Mahidol University; Cancer Council Victoria
18-Jul-2008Prevalence and correlates of roll-your-own smoking in Thailand and Malaysia: Findings of the ITC-South East Asia SurveyDavid Young; Hua Hie Yong; Ron Borland; Hana Ross; Buppha Sirirassamee; Foong Kin; David Hammond; Richard O'Connor; Geoffrey Fong; Cancer Council Victoria; American Cancer Society; Mahidol University; Universiti Sains Malaysia; University of Waterloo; Roswell Park Cancer Institute
1-Jan-2009Smoking beliefs and behavior among youth in Malaysia and ThailandCarla M. Parkinson; David Hammond; Geoffrey T. Fong; Ron Borland; Maizurah Omar; Buppha Sirirassamee; Rahmat Awang; Pete Driezen; Mary Thompson; University of Waterloo; Cancer Council Victoria; Universiti Sains Malaysia; Mahidol University
20-Sep-2013Stronger pack warnings predict quitting more than weaker ones: Finding from the ITC Malaysia and Thailand surveysAhmed I. Fathelrahman; Lin Li; Ron Borland; Hua Hie Yong; Maizurah Omar; Rahmat Awang; Buppha Sirirassamee; Geoffrey T. Fong; David Hammond; Universiti Sains Malaysia; Cancer Council Victoria; Mahidol University; University of Waterloo; Al Qassim University