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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2006Cross-clade reactivity of HIV-1-specific T-cell responses in HIV-1-infected individuals from Botswana and CameroonSwati B. Gupta; Christopher T. Mast; Nathan D. Wolfe; Vlad Novitsky; Sheri A. Dubey; Esper G. Kallas; Mauro Schechter; Bernard Mbewe; Eftyhia Vardas; Punee Pitisuttithum; Donald Burke; Dan Freed; Robin Mogg; Paul M. Coplan; Jon H. Condra; Romnie S. Long; Kiersten Anderson; Danilo R. Casimiro; John W. Shiver; Walter L. Straus; Merck & Co., Inc.; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Harvard School of Public Health; Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Malawi College of Medicine; Ministry of Population and Health; University of Witwatersrand; Mahidol University; Intl. Partnership for Microbicides; Merck Research Laboratories
22-Jan-2010International epidemiology of human pre-existing adenovirus (Ad) type-5, type-6, type-26 and type-36 neutralizing antibodies: Correlates of high Ad5 titers and implications for potential HIV vaccine trialsT. Christopher Mast; Lisa Kierstead; Swati B. Gupta; Alexander A. Nikas; Esper G. Kallas; Vladimir Novitsky; Bernard Mbewe; Punee Pitisuttithum; Mauro Schechter; Eftyhia Vardas; Nathan D. Wolfe; Miguel Aste-Amezaga; Danilo R. Casimiro; Paul Coplan; Walter L. Straus; John W. Shiver; Merck Research Laboratories; Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo; Harvard School of Public Health; Malawi College of Medicine; Mahidol University; Universidade Federal do Rio; University of Witwatersrand; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health