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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2013Health and demographic surveillance systems: Contributing to an understandingof the dynamics in migration and healthAnnette Gerritsen; Philippe Bocquier; Michael White; Cheikh Mbacke; Nurul Alam; Donatien Beguy; Frank Odhiambo; Charfudin Sacoor; Ho Dang Phuc; Sureeporn Punpuing; Mark A. Collinson; University of Witwatersrand; INDEPTH Network; Universite Catholique de Louvain; Brown University; Independent Consultant; Matlab HDSS; African Population and Health Research Centre; KEMRI/CDC Research and Public Health Collaboration; Hanoi Institute of Mathematics; Mahidol University; Umea Universitet
1-Nov-2017Integrating market chain assessments with zoonoses risk analysis in two cross-border pig value chains in Lao PDRAnna L. Okello; Tassilo T. Tiemann; Phouth Inthavong; Boualam Khamlome; Ammaly Phengvilaysouk; Soukanh Keonouchanh; Chattouphone Keokhamphet; Virasack Somoulay; Kate Blaszak; Stuart D. Blacksell; Walter O. Okello; John Allen; CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory; College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, Edinburgh Medical School; Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT in Asia); National Animal Health Laboratory; Ministry of Health; National Agricultural and Forestry Research Centre; Independent Consultant; Mahidol University; Churchill Hospital
1-Jan-2014Universal health coverage in emerging economies: Findings on health care utilization by older adults in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, the Russian Federation, and South AfricaKarl Peltzer; Jennifer Stewart Williams; Paul Kowal; Joel Negin; James Josh Snodgrass; Alfred Yawson; Nadia Minicuci; Liz Thiele; Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya; Richard Berko Biritwum; Nirmala Naidoo; Somnath Chatterji; Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa; University of the Free State; Mahidol University; Umea Universitet; Hunter Medical Research Institute, Australia; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; The University of Sydney; University of Oregon; University of Ghana; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche; Independent Consultant; Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University