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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2017Reproducible diagnostic metabolites in plasma from typhoid fever patients in Asia and AfricaElin Näsström; Christopher M. Parry; Nga Tran Vu Thieu; Rapeephan R. Maude; Hanna K. de Jong; Masako Fukushima; Olena Rzhepishevska; Florian Marks; Ursula Panzner; Justin Im; Hyonjin Jeon; Seeun Park; Zabeen Chaudhury; Aniruddha Ghose; Rasheda Samad; Tan Trinh Van; Anders Johansson; Arjen M. Dondorp; Guy E. Thwaites; Abul Faiz; Henrik Antti; Stephen Baker; Umeå Universitet; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Nagasaki University; University of Oxford; Oxford University Clinical Research Unit; Mahidol University; University of Amsterdam; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Chittagong Medical College Hospital; Dev Care Foundation; University of Cambridge
1-Sep-2008Therapy of uncomplicated malaria in children: A review of treatment principles, essential drugs and current recommendationsJacqueline L. Deen; Lorenz Von Seidlein; Arjen Dondorp; Joint Malaria Programme; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; London School of Hygiene &amp; Tropical Medicine; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2010Treatment costs of pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, and other diseases among hospitalized children in Viet NamDang Duc Anh; Arthorn Riewpaiboon; Le Huu Tho; Soon Ae Kim; Batmunkh Nyambat; Paul Kilgore; National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Hanoi; Mahidol University; Khanh Hoa Health Service; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul
23-Jan-2006Willingness to be vaccinated against shigella and other forms of dysentery: A comparison of three regions in AsiaRobert Pack; Yaping Wang; Amber Singh; Lorenz Von Seidlein; Al Pach; Linda Kaljee; Piyarat Butraporn; Gong Youlong; Lauren Blum; Zulfiqar Bhutta; Siti Sapardiyah Santoso; Dang Duc Trach; Imam Waluyo; Andrew Nyamete; John Clemens; Bonita Stanton; West Virginia University School of Medicine Morgantown; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; University of Maryland, Baltimore; Mahidol University; Fudan University; ICDDR, B Centre for Health and Population Research; The Aga Khan University; Badan Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Kesehatan, Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia; National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Hanoi; Wayne State University