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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2020Applying the concept of successful aging to ThailandAlongkorn Pekalee; Berit Ingersoll-Dayton; Rossarin Soottipong Gray; Jongjit Rittirong; Marc Völker; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Mahidol University
Jan-2013Availability of adult children with elderly parents and their spatial patterns: evidence from a rural district, northeastern ThailandJongjit Rittirong; จงจิตต์ ฤทธิรงค์; Pramote Prasartkul; ปราโมทย์ ประสาทกุล; Rindfuss, Ronald R.; Mahidol University. Institute for Population and Social Research
Jan-2007Development of a verbal autopsy tool for investigating cause of death: the Kanchanaburi projectPramote Prasartkul; ปราโมทย์ ประสาทกุล; Yawarat Porapakham; Patama Vapattanawong; ปัทมา ว่าพัฒนวงศ์; Jongjit Rittirong; จงจิตต์ ฤทธิรงค์; Boonlert Leoprapai; Mahidol University. Institute for Population and Social Research
21-Jan-2019Female labor force participation, paid maternity, caste system and under-5 mortality in NepalKailash Timilsina; Yothin Sawangdee; Pojjana Hunchangsith; Jongjit Rittirong; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2014From whom do older persons prefer support? The case of rural ThailandJongjit Rittirong; Pramote Prasartkul; Ronald R. Rindfuss; Mahidol University; Carolina Population Center
Oct-2017Marriage in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand: Who delays, Who does not?Jidapa Phonchua; Chai Podhisita; Aree Jampaklay; Jongjit Rittirong; Mahidol University. Institute for Population and Social Research