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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2008Plasmodium vivax trophozoites insensitive to chloroquineWesley W. Sharrock; Rossarin Suwanarusk; Usa Lek-Uthai; Michael D. Edstein; Varakorn Kosaisavee; Thomas Travers; Anchalee Jaidee; Kanlaya Sriprawat; Ric N. Price; François Nosten; Bruce Russell; Menzies School of Health Research; Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore; Mahidol University; Australian Army Malaria Institute; Shoklo Malaria Research Unit; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
1-Nov-2012Population pharmacokinetics of halofantrine in healthy volunteers and patients with symptomatic falciparum malariaKerenaftali Klein; Leon Aarons; Feiko O. Ter Kuile; Francois Nosten; Nick J. White; Michael D. Edstein; Paktiya Teja-Isavadharm; University of Queensland; University of Manchester; Shoklo Malaria Research Unit; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; Mahidol University; Churchill Hospital; Australian Army Malaria Institute; Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand
1-Jan-1991Quantitation of fansimef components (mefloquine + sulfadoxine + pyrimethamine) in human plasma by two high–performance liquid chromatographic methodsMichael D. Edstein; Iseng D. Lika; Tan Chongsuphajaisiddhi; Arunee Sabchareon; H. Kyle Webster; Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1990Simultaneous measurement of quinine and quinidine in human plasma, whole blood, and erythrocytes by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detectionMichael D. Edstein; Aree Prasitthipayong; Arunee Sabchareon; Tan Chongsuphajaisiddhi; H. Kyle Webster; Mahidol University