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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2000Clinical trial of sequential treatments of moderately severe and severe malaria with dihydroartemisinin suppository followed by mefloquine in ThailandP. Wilairatna; S. Krudsood; U. Silachamroon; P. Singhasivanon; S. Vannaphan; S. Faithong; M. Klabprasit; S. Na Bangchang; P. Olliaro; S. Looareesuwan; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1997A comparative clinical trial of sequential treatments of severe malaria with artesunate suppository followed by mefloquine in ThailandS. Looareesuwan; P. Wilairatana; W. Molunto; K. Chalermrut; P. Olliaro; M. Andrial; Mahidol University; The World Bank Group; Mepha Ltd; The Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Bangkok
1-Jun-1998Consensus recommendation on the treatment of malaria in Southeast AsiaS. Looareesuwan; P. Olliaro; N. J. White; T. Chongsuphajaisiddhi; A. Sabcharoen; K. Thimasarn; F. Nosten; P. Singhasivanon; S. Supavej; S. Khusmith; S. Wylings; T. Kanyok; D. Walsh; P. A. Leggat; E. B. Doberstyn; Mahidol University; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; Thailand Ministry of Public Health; Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand; James Cook University, Australia; WHO
1-Apr-2011Effect of artesunate and mefloquine in combination on the Fridericia corrected QT intervals in Plasmodium falciparum infected adults from ThailandS. Krudsood; S. Looareesuwan; P. Wilairatama; W. Leowattana; N. Tangpukdee; K. Chalermrut; S. Ramanathan; V. Navaratnam; P. Olliaro; M. Vaillant; J. R. Kiechel; W. R.J. Taylor; Mahidol University; Universiti Sains Malaysia; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; University of Oxford; Luxembourg Institute of Health; Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative; Hopitaux universitaires de Geneve
1-Jan-2014Population pharmacokinetics of intravenous artesunate: A pooled analysis of individual data from patients with severe malariaS. G. Zaloumis; J. Tarning; S. Krishna; R. N. Price; N. J. White; T. M.E. Davis; J. M. McCaw; P. Olliaro; R. J. Maude; P. Kremsner; A. Dondorp; M. Gomes; K. Barnes; J. A. Simpson; University of Melbourne; Mahidol University; St George's University of London; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; University of Western Australia; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; Albert Schweitzer Hospital; Universitat Tubingen; University of Cape Town
1-Jan-2009Pre-referral rectal artesunate to prevent death and disability in severe malaria: a placebo-controlled trialMF F. Gomes; MA A. Faiz; JO O. Gyapong; M. Warsame; T. Agbenyega; A. Babiker; F. Baiden; EB B. Yunus; F. Binka; C. Clerk; P. Folb; R. Hassan; MA A. Hossain; O. Kimbute; A. Kitua; S. Krishna; C. Makasi; N. Mensah; Z. Mrango; P. Olliaro; R. Peto; TJ J. Peto; MR R. Rahman; I. Ribeiro; R. Samad; NJ J. White; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Health Research Unit, Ghana Health Service; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; Medical Research Council; World Health Organisation, United Republic of Tanzania; Chittagong Medical College; University of Ghana; Dodowa Health Research Centre; South African Medical Research Council; National Institute For Medical Research Tanzania; St George's University of London; Navrongo Health Research Center; University of Oxford; Medical Research Council Laboratories Gambia; Begum Khaleda Zia Medical College; DNDi; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1996Pyronaridine [12]S. Looareesuwan; P. Olliaro; D. Kyle; W. Wernsdorfer; S. Foster; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2000Severe falciparum malariaP. F. Beales; B. Brabin; E. Dorman; H. M. Gilles; L. Loutain; K. Marsh; M. E. Molyneux; P. Olliaro; A. Schapira; J. E. Touze; Tran Tinh Hien; D. A. Warrell; N. White; Mahidol University; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Wellcome Trust Research Laboratories Nairobi; University of Liverpool; Universite de Geneve; Kilifi Research Unit; University of Malawi College of Medicine; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; WHO Malaria Control Programme; HIA Laveran a Marseille; Cho Quan Hospital; University of Oxford
27-Apr-1999WHO develops artesunate for emergency treatment of malariaP. Folb; S. Krishna; M. E. Molyneux; V. Navaratnam; N. White; M. Gomes; P. Olliaro; University of Cape Town; Medicines Control Council; St George's University of London; University of Malawi; Universiti Sains Malaysia; Mahidol University; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante