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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2007Effects of herbal mouthwash containing the pericarp extract of Garcinia mangostana L on halitosis, plaque and papillary bleeding index.Supanee Rassameemasmaung; Anongporn Sirikulsathean; Cholticha Amornchat; Kamolrat Hirunrat; Pleumchitt Rojanapanthu; Wandee Gritsanapan; Mahidol University
-Gel comprising antimicrobial extract as an adjunct in the treatment of periodontitisPleumchitt Rojanapanthu; Mahidol University. Faculty of Pharmacy
24-Feb-2003Physicochemical properties of amphotericin B liposomes prepared by reverse-phase evaporation methodPleumchitt Rojanapanthu; Narong Sarisuta; Korakot Chaturon; Krisana Kraisintu; Mahidol University; Silpakorn University; Thailand Government Pharmaceutical Organization
1-Aug-2017Self-assembled nanomicelles of damnacanthal-loaded amphiphilic modified chitosan: Preparation, characterization and cytotoxicity studyPakin Sukamporn; Seung Joon Baek; Wandee Gritsanapan; Suwabun Chirachanchai; Thararat Nualsanit; Pleumchitt Rojanapanthu; Mahidol University; Seoul National University; Phyto Product Research; Chulalongkorn University; Thammasat University
1-Oct-2008Topical application of Garcinia mangostana L. pericarp gel as an adjunct to periodontal treatmentSupanee Rassameemasmaung; Anongporn Sirikulsathean; Cholticha Amornchat; Pawinee Maungmingsook; Pleumchitt Rojanapanthu; Wandee Gritsanaphan; Mahidol University; Nakornpathom Hospital