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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2013CD24 induces the invasion of cholangiocarcinoma cells by upregulating CXCR4 and increasing the phosphorylation of ERK1/2Kawin Leelawat; Siriporn Keeratichamroen; Surang Leelawat; Rutaiwan Tohtong; Rajavithi Hospital; Rangsit University; Mahidol University; Chulabhorn Research Institute
1-Aug-2010Central corneal thickness in the central retinal vein occlusion fellow eyesBoonsong Wanichwecharungruang; Vipavadee Laophulsuk; Sopida Sopitanont; Sumeth Vanichvaranont; Kitipong Harncharoen; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2016Changes in the permeability and morphology of dentine surfaces after brushing with a Thai herbal toothpaste: A preliminary studyLa Ongthong Vajrabhaya; Suwanna Korsuwannawong; Choltacha Harnirattisai; Chayada Teinchai; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
3-Nov-2016Characterization of Plasmodium falciparum ATP-dependent DNA helicase RuvB3Paviga Limudomporn; Saengduen Moonsom; Ubolsree Leartsakulpanich; Pattra Suntornthiticharoen; Songsak Petmitr; Michael Weinfeld; Porntip Chavalitshewinkoon-Petmitr; Mahidol University; Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; Rangsit University; University of Alberta
1-Jan-2014Characterization of recombinant malarial RecQ DNA helicasePattra Suntornthiticharoen; Witsanu Srila; Porntip Chavalitshewinkoon-Petmitr; Paviga Limudomporn; Montarop Yamabhai; Rangsit University; Suranaree University of Technology; Mahidol University
14-Jul-2006Circulating hTERT mRNA as a tumor marker in cholangiocarcinoma patientsKawin Leelawat; Surang Leelawat; Thawee Ratanachu-Ek; Somboon Trubwongchareon; Jerasak Wannaprasert; Saad Tripongkaruna; Suchart Chantawibul; Panadda Tepaksorn; Rajavithi Hospital; Mahidol University; Rangsit University; National Institutes of Health, Bethesda
1-Jan-2001Coexpression of chitinase and the cry11Aa1 toxin genes in Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensisN. Sirichotpakorn; P. Rongnoparut; K. Choosang; W. Panbangred; Mahidol University; Rangsit University
1-Mar-2006Comparative study of B-spline and cardinal spline with genetic algorithm for invariant shape object recognitionPisit Phokharatkul; Skul Kamnuanchai; Chom Kimpan; Supachai Phaiboon; Mahidol University; Rangsit University
1-May-2007Comparative study of LDL-cholesterol levels in Thai patients by the direct method and using the Friedewald formulaThirawuth Teerakanchana; Wilai Puavilai; Kanjana Suriyaprom; Rungsunn Tungtrongchitr; Rajavithi Hospital; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2014A comparative study: Right ventricular assessment in post-repaired Tetralogy of Fallot patients by echocardiogram with cardiac magnetic resonance imagingWorakan Promphan; Thira Wonglikhitpanya; Poomiporn Katanyuwong; Suvipaporn Siripornpitak; Rangsit University; Bangkok Heart Hospital; Mahidol University
11-Apr-2006Comparison of UV spectrophotometric method and high performance liquid chromatography for the analysis of flunarizine and its application for the dissolution testKesarin Busaranon; Worapot Suntornsuk; Leena Suntornsuk; Rangsit University; King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi; Mahidol University
1-Aug-2008The cycle for a Siphoviridae-like phage (VHS1) of Vibrio harveyi is dependent on the physiological state of the hostTirasak Pasharawipas; Navin Wetchakit; Siriporn Sriurairatana; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
1-Oct-2017Cytotoxic and the proliferative effect of cuttlefish bone on MC3T3-E1 osteoblast cell lineLa Ongthong Vajrabhaya; Suwanna Korsuwannawong; Rudee Surarit; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2016Cytotoxicity evaluation of Clinacanthus nutans through dimethylthiazol diphenyltetrazolium bromide and neutral red uptake assaysLa Ongthong Vajrabhaya; Suwanna Korsuwannawong; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
1-Oct-2012Cytotoxicity evaluation of self-etching dentine bonding agents in a cell culture perfusion conditionSuwanna Korsuwannawong; Ratchaporn Srichan; La Ongthong Vajrabhaya; Mahidol University; Rangsit University
8-Aug-2014Dengue virus disrupts Daxx and NF-κB interaction to induce CD137-mediated apoptosisJanjuree Netsawang; Jutatip Panaampon; Sasiprapa Khunchai; Suwattanee Kooptiwut; Amar Nagila; Chunya Puttikhunt; Pa Thai Yenchitsomanus; Thawornchai Limjindaporn; Rangsit University; Mahidol University; Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
1-Dec-2013Design and simulation of air flow inside double wall infant incubator by using 3D FEM; Case study for multi inflow and outflow slotA. Wongkamhang; P. Phasukkit; C. Pintuviroj; S. Prasantamrongsiri; A. Sanpanich; N. Thongpance; King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
19-May-2003Design of salbutamol EOP tablets from pharmacokinetics parametersNuttanan Sinchaipanid; Sansanee Pongwai; Pichet Limsuwan; Ampol Mitrevej; Mahidol University; Rangsit University; King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi
1-Feb-2005Detection of anti-dsDNA by ELISA using different sources of antigensKritsana Janyapoon; Pantakit Jivakanont; Rungkarn Surbrsing; Wijitporn Siriprapapan; Thanarat Tachawuttiwat; Sunee Korbsrisate; Rangsit University; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2007Detection of VacA gene specific for Helicobactor pylori in hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma specimens of Thai patientsKawin Leelawat; Nithikoon Suksumek; Surang Leelawat; Usa Lek-Uthai; Rajavithi Hospital; Vajira Hospital; Rangsit University; Mahidol University