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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Clinical effectiveness of alginate silver dressing in outpatient management of partial-thickness burnsSupaporn Opasanon; Pornprom Muangman; Nantaporn Namviriyachote; Mahidol University; Chulalongkorn University
1-Jan-2014Clinical effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in complex woundsSupaporn Opasanon; Warut Pongsapich; Sitthichoke Taweepraditpol; Bhoom Suktitipat; Apirag Chuangsuwanich; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2011Efficiency of microbial cellulose dressing in partial-thickness burn woundsPornprom Muangman; Supaporn Opasanon; Supaparn Suwanchot; Orapin Thangthed; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2009Endoscopic management of foreign body in the upper gastrointestinal tract: A tertiary care center experienceSupaporn Opasanon; Thawatchai Akaraviputh; Asada Methasate; Jatuporn Sirikun; Mongkol Laohapensang; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015Gunshot woundsSupaporn Opasanon; Apirag Chuangsuwanich; Mahidol University
1-Aug-2010A prospective, randomized trial of silver containing hydrofiber dressing versus 1% silver sulfadiazine for the treatment of partial thickness burnsPornprom Muangman; Chanin Pundee; Supaporn Opasanon; Saipin Muangman; Mahidol University
1-Jul-2009The role of laparoscopic management in suspected traumatic diaphragmatic injury patients: A tertiary care center experienceSupaporn Opasanon; Thawatchai Akaraviputh; Kris Keorochana; Lertpong Somcharit; Mahidol University