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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Individuals with and without low back pain use different motor control strategies to achieve spinal stiffness during the prone instability testWon Sung; Gregory E. Hicks; David Ebaugh; Susan S. Smith; Scott Stackhouse; Peemongkon Wattananon; Sheri P. Silfies; University of Delaware; University of New England, USA; University of South Carolina; Drexel University; Mahidol University; Good Shepherd Penn Partners-Penn Therapy and Fitness
1-Aug-2020Listed for sale: Analyzing data on fentanyl, fentanyl analogs and other novel synthetic opioids on one cryptomarketFrancois R. Lamy; Raminta Daniulaityte; Monica J. Barratt; Usha Lokala; Amit Sheth; Robert G. Carlson; UNSW, National Drug &amp; Alcohol Research Centre; Wright State University; University of South Carolina; Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus; Mahidol University; RMIT University
1-Nov-2020Optimization of process variables for esterification of bio-oil model compounds by a heteropolyacid catalystPrapaporn Prasertpong; Chawannat Jaroenkhasemmeesuk; John R. Regalbuto; Jeremiah Lipp; Nakorn Tippayawong; University of South Carolina; Mahidol University; Chiang Mai University
1-Jun-2013Secular versus religious norms against smoking: Which is more important as a driver of quitting behaviour among Muslim Malaysian and Buddhist Thai smokers?Hua Hie Yong; Steven Savvas; Ron Borland; James Thrasher; Buppha Sirirassamee; Maizurah Omar; Cancer Council Victoria; National Ageing Research Institute; University of South Carolina; Mahidol University; Universiti Sains Malaysia
1-Jan-2000Spatial arrangement of social and economic networks among villages in Nang Rong District, ThailandKatherine Faust; Barbara Entwisle; Ronald R. Rindfuss; Stephen J. Walsh; Yothin Sawangdee; University of South Carolina; Carolina Population Center; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Mahidol University
2-Sep-2018Statistically guided synthesis of MoV-based mixed-oxide catalysts for ethane partial oxidationJuan D. Jimenez; Kathleen Mingle; Teeraya Bureerug; Cun Wen; Jochen Lauterbach; University of South Carolina; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2011Using cognitive interviewing and behavioral coding to determine measurement equivalence across linguistic and cultural groups: An example from the international tobacco control policy evaluation projectJames F. Thrasher; Anne C.K. Quah; Gregory Dominick; Ron Borland; Pete Driezen; Rahmat Awang; Maizurah Omar; Warwick Hosking; Buppha Sirirassamee; Marcelo Boado; University of South Carolina; Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica; University of Waterloo; University of Delaware; Cancer Council Victoria; Universiti Sains Malaysia; Victoria University Melbourne; Mahidol University; Universidad de la Republica