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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Infant loss during and after male replacement in gibbonsChang Yong Ma; Warren Y. Brockelman; Lydia E.O. Light; Thad Q. Bartlett; Peng Fei Fan; Dali University; Sun Yat-Sen University; Mahidol University; Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; The University of North Carolina at Charlotte; University of Texas at San Antonio
1-Oct-2012Mahidol study 1: Comparison of radiographic and survival outcomes of immature teeth treated with either regenerative endodontic or apexification methods: A retrospective studyThanawan Jeeruphan; Jeeraphat Jantarat; Kallaya Yanpiset; Lalida Suwannapan; Phannarai Khewsawai; Kenneth M. Hargreaves; Mahidol University; Pa-Sang Hospital; University of Texas at San Antonio
16-Jun-2016MMS observations of large guide field symmetric reconnection between colliding reconnection jets at the center of a magnetic flux rope at the magnetopauseM. Øieroset; T. D. Phan; C. Haggerty; M. A. Shay; J. P. Eastwood; D. J. Gershman; J. F. Drake; M. Fujimoto; R. E. Ergun; F. S. Mozer; M. Oka; R. B. Torbert; J. L. Burch; S. Wang; L. J. Chen; M. Swisdak; C. Pollock; J. C. Dorelli; S. A. Fuselier; B. Lavraud; B. L. Giles; T. E. Moore; Y. Saito; L. A. Avanov; W. Paterson; R. J. Strangeway; C. T. Russell; Y. Khotyaintsev; P. A. Lindqvist; K. Malakit; Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley; University of Delaware; Imperial College London; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; University of Maryland; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; University of Colorado at Boulder; University System of New Hampshire; Southwest Research Institute; Denali Scientific; University of Texas at San Antonio; Universite de Toulouse; CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; University of California, Los Angeles; Instiutet för rymdfysik; The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); Mahidol University
1-Jul-2009Molecular characterization of Pegarn: A Drosophila homolog of UNC-51 kinaseA. Ahantarig; L. V. Chadwell; I. B. Terrazas; C. T. Garcia; J. J. Nazarian; H. K. Lee; M. J. Lundell; J. A. Cassill; University of Texas at San Antonio; Mahidol University
1-Jul-2016Open Source Drug Discovery with the Malaria Box Compound Collection for Neglected Diseases and BeyondWesley C. Van Voorhis; John H. Adams; Roberto Adelfio; Vida Ahyong; Myles H. Akabas; Pietro Alano; Aintzane Alday; Yesmalie Alemán Resto; Aishah Alsibaee; Ainhoa Alzualde; Katherine T. Andrews; Simon V. Avery; Vicky M. Avery; Lawrence Ayong; Mark Baker; Stephen Baker; Choukri Ben Mamoun; Sangeeta Bhatia; Quentin Bickle; Lotfi Bounaadja; Tana Bowling; Jürgen Bosch; Lauren E. Boucher; Fabrice F. Boyom; Jose Brea; Marian Brennan; Audrey Burton; Conor R. Caffrey; Grazia Camarda; Manuela Carrasquilla; Dee Carter; Maria Belen Cassera; Ken Chih-Chien Cheng; Worathad Chindaudomsate; Anthony Chubb; Beatrice L. Colon; Daisy D. Colón-López; Yolanda Corbett; Gregory J. Crowther; Noemi Cowan; Sarah D’Alessandro; Na Le Dang; Michael Delves; Joseph L. DeRisi; Alan Y. Du; Sandra Duffy; Shimaa Abd El-Salam El-Sayed; Michael T. Ferdig; José A. Fernández Robledo; David A. Fidock; Isabelle Florent; Patrick V.T. Fokou; Ani Galstian; Francisco Javier Gamo; Suzanne Gokool; Ben Gold; Todd Golub; Gregory M. Goldgof; Rajarshi Guha; W. Armand Guiguemde; Nil Gural; R. Kiplin Guy; Michael A.E. Hansen; Kirsten K. Hanson; Andrew Hemphill; Rob Hooft van Huijsduijnen; Takaaki Horii; Paul Horrocks; Tyler B. Hughes; Christopher Huston; Ikuo Igarashi; Katrin Ingram-Sieber; Maurice A. Itoe; Ajit Jadhav; Amornrat Naranuntarat Jensen; Laran T. Jensen; Rays H.Y. Jiang; Annette Kaiser; Jennifer Keiser; Thomas Ketas; Sebastien Kicka; Sunyoung Kim; Kiaran Kirk; Vidya P. Kumar; Dennis E. Kyle; Maria Jose Lafuente; Scott Landfear; Nathan Lee; Sukjun Lee; Adele M. Lehane; University of Washington, Seattle; University of South Florida, Tampa; Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH); Universitat Basel; University of California, San Francisco; Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University; Istituto Superiore Di Sanita; Biobide; Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences; Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Griffith University; QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute; University of Nottingham; Institut Pasteur Korea; Clinical Pharmacology and Nephrology; UCL; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; London School of Hygiene &amp; Tropical Medicine; Yale University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle; Scynexis, Inc.; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Universite de Yaounde I; Universidad de Santiago de Compostela; Pennsylvania State University; The University of Sydney; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences; Mahidol University; University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine; Università degli Studi di Milano; Washington University in St. Louis; Imperial College London; University of California, San Diego; Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine; Mansoura University; University of Notre Dame; Columbia University Medical Center; Broad Institute; GlaxoSmithKline plc, Spain; Northwick Park Hospital; Weill Cornell Medical College; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; University of Texas at San Antonio; University of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Molecular Medicine; University of Bern; Medicines for Malaria Venture; Eisai Co., Ltd.; Keele University; University of Vermont College of Medicine; Institute of Pharmacogenetics; Université de Genève; LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans; Research School of Biologyn National University; Oregon Health and Science University; Monash University; Universiteit Antwerpen; The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
1-Jul-2012Pathologic changes in breast cancer after anti-estrogen therapyNorasate Samarnthai; Richard Elledge; Thomas J. Prihoda; Jian Huang; Suleiman Massarweh; I. Tien Yeh; Mahidol University; University of Texas at San Antonio; Medical College of Wisconsin; University of Kentucky HealthCare
15-Nov-2018Reactions: Antibacterial and bioactive dental restorative materials: Do they really work?Daniel Cn Chan; Wenjie Hu; Kwok Hung Chung; Robert Larsen; Steven Jensen; Densen Cao; Laura Gaviria; Joo L. Ong; Kyumin Whang; Trinuch Eiampongpaiboon; University of Washington, Seattle; Peking University; Mahidol University; University of Texas at San Antonio; University of Texas School of Dentistry; CAO Group, Inc.
1-Jan-1980Surgical removal of the olfactory bulbs increases sensitivity of the reproductive system of female rats to the inhibitory effects of late afternoon melatonin injectionsRussel J. Reiter; Larry J. Petterborg; Chatchai Trakulrungsi; Wantanee K. Trakulrungsi; University of Texas at San Antonio; Mahidol University