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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2017Self-aggregation of cationically modified poly(ε-caprolactone)<inf>2</inf>-co-poly(ethylene glycol) copolymers: Effect of cationic grafting ligand and poly(ε-caprolactone) chain lengthPimchanok Charoongchit; Jiraphong Suksiriworapong; Kittisak Sripha; Shirui Mao; Anne Sapin-Minet; Philippe Maincent; Varaporn Buraphacheep Junyaprasert; Mahidol University; Shenyang Pharmaceutical University; Université de Lorraine
1-May-2010Synthesis and characterization of bioactive molecules grafted on poly(e{open}-caprolactone) by " click" chemistryJiraphong Suksiriworapong; Kittisak Sripha; Varaporn Buraphacheep Junyaprasert; Mahidol University
1-Jul-2018Synthesis and properties of a biodegradable polymer-drug conjugate: Methotrexate-poly(glycerol adipate)Jiraphong Suksiriworapong; Vincenzo Taresco; Delyan P. Ivanov; Ioanna D. Styliari; Krisada Sakchaisri; Varaporn Buraphacheep Junyaprasert; Martin C. Garnett; University of Hertfordshire; University of Nottingham; Mahidol University
18-May-2007Transdermal delivery of hydrophobic and hydrophilic local anesthetics from o/w and w/o Brij 97-based microemulsionsVaraporn Buraphacheep Junyaprasert; Prapaporn Boonme; Sarunyoo Songkro; Karen Krauel; Thomas Rades; Mahidol University; Prince of Songkla University; University of Otago
1-Apr-2018Vegetable oil-based nanoemulsions containing curcuminoids: Formation optimization by phase inversion temperature methodAnchalee Jintapattanakit; Hafiz Mahmood Hasan; Varaporn Buraphacheep Junyaprasert; Mahidol University