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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2005Delay effect in models of population growthDang Vu Giang; Yongwimon Lenbury; Thomas I. Seidman; Hanoi Institute of Mathematics; Mahidol University; University of Maryland, Baltimore County
15-Jul-2008Delay model of glucose-insulin systems: Global stability and oscillated solutions conditional on delaysDang Vu Giang; Yongwimon Lenbury; Andrea De Gaetano; Pasquale Palumbo; Hanoi Institute of Mathematics; Mahidol University; Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome
4-Nov-2013Delay SIR model with nonlinear incident rate and varying total populationRujira Ouncharoen; Salinthip Daengkongkho; Thongchai Dumrongpokaphan; Yongwimon Lenbury; Chiang Mai University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2005A delay-differential equation model of the feedback-controlled hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis in humansYongwimon Lenbury; Pornsarp Pornsawad; Mahidol University
1-Mar-1996Detection of slow-fast limit cycles in a model for electrical activity in the pancreatic β-cellYongwimon Lenbury; Kanchana Kumnungkit; Boriboon Novaprateep; Mahidol University
4-Nov-2013Development, experimental validation and sensitivity analysis of a mathematical model of biofiltration for hydrogen sulfide removalPairote Satiracoo; Prayad Pokethitiyook; Yongwimon Lenbury; Siraporn Potivichayanon; Ravi P. Agarwal; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; Suranaree University of Technology; Texas A and M University-Kingsville
20-Jul-2011Drug resistant and wild-type strains interaction: Investigating effects of conversion delays for possible control strategiesKorsuk Sirinukunwattana; Yongwimon Lenbury; Nardtida Tumrasvin; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
1-Jun-2007Dynamic processes permitting stable coexistence of antimicrobial resistant and non-resistant organisms in a gastrointestinal tract modelTippawan Puttasontiphot; Yongwimon Lenbury; Chontita Rattanakul; Sahattaya Rattanamongkonkul; John R. Hotchkiss; Philip S. Crooke; Mahidol University; Burapha University; University of Pittsburgh; Vanderbilt University
15-Dec-2009Dynamical analysis of a nonlinear model for glucose-insulin system incorporating delays and β-cells compartmentMeechoke Chuedoung; Warunee Sarika; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1989The effect of the yield expression on the existence of oscillatory behavior in a three-variable model of a continuous fermentation system subject to product inhibitionYongwimon Lenbury; Mahosut Punpocha; Mahidol University
28-May-2013Equilibriums and periodic solutions of related systems of piecewise linear difference equationsWirot Tikjha; Yongwimon Lenbury; Evelina Giusti Lapierre; Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University; Mahidol University; Centre of Excellence in Mathematics; Johnson and Wales University
27-Feb-2012Euler-Maruyama approximation and maximum likelihood estimator for a stochastic differential equation model of the signal transduction processDin Prathumwan; Yongwimon Lenbury; Pairote Satiracoo; Chontita Rattanakul; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
4-Nov-2013The glucose-insulin-incretin model for bariatric surgery and T2DM improvement mechanisms with two delaysPuntip Toghaw; Yongwimon Lenbury; Kasetsart University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2020Integrator induced homomorphisms on Banach algebra valued regulated functionsTitarii Wootijirattikal; Sing Cheong Ong; Yongwimon Lenbury; Ubon Ratchathani University; Mahidol University; Central Michigan University; Center of Excellence in Mathematics
1-Oct-2010Investigating flow patterns in a channel with complex obstacles using the lattice Boltzmann methodJiraporn Yojina; Waipot Ngamsaad; Narin Nuttavut; Darapond Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; Paisan Kanthang; Somchai Sriyab; Wannapong Triampo; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon
1-Dec-2010Investigation of spatial pattern formation involving CD4+ T cells in HIV/AIDS dynamics by a stochastic cellular automata modelMonamorn Precharattana; Wannapong Triampo; Charin Modchang; Darapond Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; The R and D Group of Biological and Environmental Physics (BIOPHYSICS); Mahidol University; Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics
1-Apr-2005A lattice boltzmann method for modeling the dynamic pole-to-pole oscillations of min proteins for determining the position of the midcell division planeWaipot Ngamsaad; Wannapong Triampo; Paisan Kanthang; I. Ming Tang; Narin Nuttawut; Charin Modjung; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
1-May-2009A mathematical model of prolactin secretion: Effects of dopamine and thyrotropin-releasing hormoneChontita Rattanakul; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
1-May-2008Mathematical modeling and application of genetic algorithm to parameter estimation in signal transduction: Trafficking and promiscuous coupling of G-protein coupled receptorsCharin Modchang; Wannapong Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
20-Jun-2012Mathematical modeling of patient carePhilip Crooke; John Hotchkiss; Yongwimon Lenbury; Brett McKinney; Vanderbilt University; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Mahidol University; University of Tulsa