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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2016A simple, realistic stochastic model of Gastric EmptyingJiraphat Yokrattanasak; Andrea De Gaetano; Simona Panunzi; Pairote Satiracoo; Wayne M. Lawton; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; Center of Excellence in Mathematics; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche; University of Western Australia
1-Dec-2010Simulation of a stochastic cellular automata HIV/AIDS model for investigation of spatial pattern formation mediated by CD4+ T cells and HIV dynamicsMonamorn Precharattana; Wannapong Triampo; Charin Modchang; Darapond Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; PERDO
2-Nov-2020Singular perturbation analysis for identification of dynamic behaviour and stability of a nonlinear model of long term progression of diabetes mellitusChontita Ratanakul; Yongwimon Lenbury; Jeerawan Suksamran; King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok; Mahidol University; Centre of Excellence in Mathematics
1-Jan-1996Singular perturbation analysis of a model for a predator-prey system invaded by a parasiteYongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2012Stability analysis and analytical solution of a nonlinear model for controlled drug release: Travelling wave frontsChontita Rattanakul; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; Centre of Excellence in Mathematics
15-Nov-2015Stability analysis of a mathematical model of atherosclerotic plaque development: Fibrous cap formation and degradationWanwarat Anlamlert; Yongwimon Lenbury; Jonathan Bell; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; University of Maryland, Baltimore
19-Dec-2012Stability and bifurcation analysis of a model for the signal transduction process with a signal amplification delayWanwarat Anlamlert; Yongwimon Lenbury; Warunee Sarika; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
4-Nov-2013Stability and persistence of delayed resistant and sensitive bacterial strains interaction under impulsive drug treatmentPailin Chayapham; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
1-Aug-2006Stability of solution of Kuramoto-Sivashinsky-Korteweg-de Vries systemYongwimon Lenbury; C. Rattanakul; Dening Li; Mahidol University; West Virginia University
1-Dec-2019Stability, Hopf bifurcation and effects of impulsive antibiotic treatments in a model of drug resistance with conversion delaySuranath Chomcheon; Yongwimon Lenbury; Warunee Sarika; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; Mahidol University
6-Jan-2011Stability, permanence and positive periodicity in a model of bone remodeling under impulsive PTH controlMantana Chudtong; Yongwimon Lenbury; Chontita Rattanakul; Mahidol University; Commission on Higher Education
1-Jul-2011Stochastic cellular automata model and Monte Carlo simulations of CD4 + T cell dynamics with a proposed alternative leukapheresis treatment for HIV/AIDSMonamorn Precharattana; Arthorn Nokkeaw; Wannapong Triampo; Darapond Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; PERDO
1-Nov-2007The stochastic model of non-equilibrium mutagen-induced alterations of DNA: Implication to genetic instability in cancerDarapond Triampo; Wannapong Triampo; I. Ming Tang; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2008Stochastic modeling of external electric field effect on Escherichia coli Min protein dynamicsCharin Modchang; Wannapong Triampo; Paisan Kanthang; Udorn Junthorn; Somrit Unai; Waipot Ngamsaad; Narin Nuttavut; Darapond Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
16-May-2005Three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion: Data-space methodWeerachai Siripunvaraporn; Gary Egbert; Yongwimon Lenbury; Makoto Uyeshima; Mahidol University; Oregon State University; University of Tokyo
1-Sep-2003Total curvature and length estimate for curves in CAT(K) spacesChaiwat Maneesawarng; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University
1-Aug-2006Wave-front solution behaviour for continuous neural networks with lateral inhibitionSittipong Ruktamatakul; Jonathan Bell; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; University of Maryland, Baltimore
1-Jan-2020Weak form market efficiency: A case study of Asia-Pacific marketsNattawut Phanrattinon; Yongwimon Lenbury; Masnita Misiran; Nattakorn Phewchean; Mahidol University; Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt zu Kiel; Universiti Utara Malaysia; PERDO