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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2010Cryptococcal immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV-1-infected individuals: proposed clinical case definitionsLewis J. Haddow; Robert Colebunders; Graeme Meintjes; Stephen D. Lawn; Julian H. Elliott; Yukari C. Manabe; Paul R. Bohjanen; Somnuek Sungkanuparph; Philippa J. Easterbrook; Martyn A. French; David R. Boulware; King's College London; The Nelson R. Mandela Medical School; Prins Leopold Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde; Universiteit Antwerpen; University of Cape Town; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; University of Cape Town, Faculty of Health Sciences; Alfred Hospital; Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research; Makerere University; The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; University of Minnesota Twin Cities; Mahidol University; University of Western Australia; Royal Perth Hospital
1-Mar-2015HIV and aging: Insights from the Asia Pacific HIV Observational Database (APHOD)N. Han; S. T. Wright; C. C. O'Connor; J. Hoy; S. Ponnampalavanar; M. Grotowski; H. X. Zhao; A. Kamarulzaman; D. Ellis; M. Bloch; T. Franic; S. Agrawal; L. McCann; N. Cunningham; T. Vincent; D. Allen; J. L. Little; D. Smith; C. Gray; D. Baker; R. Vale; D. J. Templeton; C. Dijanosic; E. Jackson; K. McCallum; S. Taylor; D. Cooper; A. Carr; F. Lee; K. Hesse; K. Sinn; R. Norris; R. Finlayson; I. Prone; J. Shakeshaft; K. Brown; C. McGrath; V. McGrath; S. Halligan; L. Wray; P. Read; H. Lu; D. Couldwell; V. Furner; J. Watson; C. Lawrence; B. Mulhall; Matthew Law; K. Petoumenos; H. McManus; C. Bendall; M. Boyd; A. Kulatunga; P. Knibbs; J. Chuah; M. Ngieng; B. Dickson; D. Russell; S. Downing; D. Sowden; J. Broom; K. Taing; C. Johnston; K. McGill; D. Orth; D. Youds; M. Kelly; A. Gibson; H. Magon; W. Donohue; R. Moore; S. Edwards; R. Liddle; P. Locke; N. J. Roth; J. Nicolson; H. Lau; T. Read; J. Silvers; W. Zeng; K. Watson; M. Bryant; S. Price; I. Woolley; M. Giles; T. Korman; J. Williams; D. Nolan; J. Skett; J. Robinson; C. V. Mean; V. Saphonn; K. Vohith; F. J. Zhang; Beijing Ditan Hospital; University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia; RPA Sexual Health; The University of Sydney; Monash University; University of Malaya Medical Centre; Hunter New England Area Health Service - Clinic 468; General Medical Practice; Holdsworth House General Practice; Holden Street Clinic; Lismore Sexual Health Services; East Sydney Doctors; Blue Mountains Sexual Health and HIV Clinic; Tamworth Sexual Health Service; St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney; Nepean Sexual Health and HIV Clinic; Illawarra Sexual Health; Sydney Sexual Health Centre; Parramatta Sexual Health Clinic , Sexually Transmitted Infections Research Centre; Dubbo Sexual Health Centre; National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS; National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation; Royal Darwin Hospital; Gold Coast Health Service District; Cairns Sexual Health Service; Sunshine Coast-Wide Bay Health Service District; Brisbane Sexual Health and HIV Service; Northside Clinic; Prahran Market Clinic; Melbourne Sexual Health Centre; Alfred Hospital; Monash Medical Centre; Royal Perth Hospital; National Center for HIV/AIDS; Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong; YR Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education; Institute of Infectious Diseases
1-Dec-2010Isolation of a novel Orientia species (O. chuto sp. nov.) from a patient infected in DubaiLeonard Izzard; Andrew Fuller; Stuart D. Blacksell; Daniel H. Paris; Allen L. Richards; Nuntipa Aukkanit; Chelsea Nguyen; Ju Jiang; Stan Fenwick; Nicholas P.J. Day; Stephen Graves; John Stenos; Geelong Hospital; Murdoch University; Alfred Hospital; Mahidol University; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; Naval Medical Research Center; Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
1-Nov-2015Long-term virological outcomes of first-line antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1 in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysisT. Sonia Boender; Kim C.E. Sigaloff; James H. Mcmahon; Sasisopin Kiertiburanakul; Michael R. Jordan; Jhoney Barcarolo; Nathan Ford; Tobias F. Rinke De Wit; Silvia Bertagnolio; University of Amsterdam; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; Alfred Hospital; Tufts University; Mahidol University; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante
1-Aug-2015Treating pulmonary embolism in Pacific Asia with direct oral anticoagulantsAlexander Cohen; Sinnadurai Jeyaindran; Jae Yeol Kim; Kihyuk Park; Suree Sompradeekul; Karmel L. Tambunan; Huyen Tran; I. Chen Tsai; Christopher Ward; Raymond Wong; Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust; Kuala Lumpur Hospital; Chung-Ang University, College of Medicine; Daegu Catholic University Hospital; Mahidol University; Universitas Indonesia; Alfred Hospital; Monash University; Show-Chwan Memorial Hospital Taiwan; Kolling Institute of Medical Research; Prince of Wales Hospital Hong Kong
1-Dec-2012Workshop on Treatment of and Postexposure Prophylaxis for Burkholderia pseudomallei and B. mallei Infection, 2010Rebecca Lipsitz; Susan Garges; Rosemarie Aurigemma; Prasith Baccam; David D. Blaney; Allen C. Cheng; Bart J. Currie; David Dance; Jay E. Gee; Joseph Larsen; Direk Limmathurotsakul; Meredith G. Morrow; Robert Norton; Elizabeth O'Mara; Sharon J. Peacock; Nicki Pesik; L. Paige Rogers; Herbert P. Schweizer; Ivo Steinmetz; Gladys Tan; Patrick Tan; W. Joost Wiersinga; Vanaporn Wuthiekanun; Theresa L. Smith; United States Department of Health and Human Services; National Institutes of Health, Bethesda; IEM; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Royal Darwin Hospital; Menzies School of Health Research; Monash University; Alfred Hospital; Mahosot Hospital; University of Oxford; Mahidol University; Townsville Hospital; University of Cambridge; Colorado State University; Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitat Greifswald; DSO National Laboratories; Genome Institute of; Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam