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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2009Can vaginal misoprostol effectively increase rate of a satisfactory colposcopy? A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trialDuangmani Thanapprapasr; Sarikapan Wilailak; Nathpong Israngura Na Ayudhya; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Puchong Likittanasombut; Suwicha Chittithaworn; Chuenkamon Charakorn; Sawaek Weerakiet; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2016Cervix Cancer Research Network (CCRN): Improving Access to Cervix Cancer Trials on a Global ScaleDavid Gaffney; Bill Small; Henry Kitchener; Sang Young Ryu; Akila Viswanathan; Ted Trimble; Al Covens; Sarikapan Wilailak; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Chomporn Sitathanee; Umesh Mahantshetty; Brandon Fisher; Susan Springer; Thomas Pollatz; Antonius Spiller; Monica Bacon; Anuja Jhingran; University of Utah; Loyola University of Chicago; University of Manchester; Korea Cancer Center Hospital; Johns Hopkins University; National Cancer Institute; Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; Mahidol University; Tata Memorial Hospital; Radiating Hope; Elekta Brachytherapy; Varian Medical Systems; BEBIG; Gynecological Cancer InterGroup; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1-Jan-2010Female hospital-based healthcare professionals' knowledge of cervical cancer, HPV and attitudes towards HPV vaccinationDuangmani Thanapprapasr; Suwicha Chittithaworn; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Umaporn Udomsubpayakul; Sarikapan Wilailak; Division of Gynecologic Oncology; Mahidol University
1-Jun-2011Knowledge of Pap smear, HPV and the HPV vaccine and the acceptability of the HPV vaccine by Thai womenChuenkamon Charakorn; Sasivimol Rattanasiri; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Duangmani Thanapprapasr; Suwicha Chittithaworn; Sarikapan Wilailak; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015The level of squamous cell carcinoma antigen and lymph node metastasis in locally advanced cervical cancerNavamol Lekskul; Chuenkamon Charakorn; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Sasivimol Rattanasiri; Nathpong Israngura Na Ayudhya; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2016Limited impact of music therapy on patient anxiety with the large loop excision of transformation zone procedure - a randomized controlled trialChompunoot Kongsawatvorakul; Chuenkamon Charakorn; Krissada Paiwattananupant; Navamol Lekskul; Sasivimol Rattanasiri; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015Naproxen for pain relief during endometrial biopsy: A randomized controlled trialWerapath Somchit; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Sakda Arj Ong Vallipakorn; Mahidol University
1-Oct-2007Secondary vaginal involvement following radical surgical treatment for a stage I ovarian adenocarcinoma arising in mature cystic teratomaNoppadol Larbcharoensub; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Mana Rochanawutanon; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2016Vaginal stump characteristics after total abdominal hysterectomy using electrosurgery versus scalpel or scissors for vaginal incision: A randomized controlled trialChayanis Tinsopharat; Krissada Paiwattananupant; Navamol Lekskul; Arb Aroon Lertkhachonsuk; Nathpong Israngura Na Ayudhya; Chatchai Treetampinich; Sakda Arj Ong Vallibhakara; Mahidol University