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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016Biodiversity and health: Lessons and recommendations from an interdisciplinary conference to advise Southeast Asian research, society and policyBruno Andreas Walther; Christophe Boëte; Aurélie Binot; Youlet By; Julien Cappelle; Juan Carrique-Mas; Monidarin Chou; Neil Furey; Sothea Kim; Claire Lajaunie; Sovan Lek; Philippe Méral; Malyne Neang; Boon Huan Tan; Catherine Walton; Serge Morand; Taipei Medical University; Emergence des Pathologies Virales; CIRAD Centre de Recherche de Montpellier; Kasetsart University; Fondation Mérieux; Institut Pasteur du Cambodge; UCL; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; University of Health Sciences; Fauna & Flora International; Unite de Recherche sur les Maladies Infectieuses et Tropicales emergentes; Universite de Toulouse; Universite Paul-Valery Montpellier III; Ecoland Research Centre - Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Dangkor district; National University of Singapore; University of Manchester; Centre d'Infectiologie Christophe Mérieux du Laos; Mahidol University
28-Jul-2017Which ecosystem services for disease regulation and health improvement, taking into account biodiversity and health interactions?Aurélie Binot; Serge Morand; Kasetsart University; CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2020Will the COVID-19 crisis trigger a One Health coming-of-age?Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky; Aurélie Binot; Serge Morand; Richard Kock; François Roger; Bruce A. Wilcox; Alexandre Caron; Université de Montpellier; Universidade Eduardo Mondlane; Royal Veterinary College University of London; Kasetsart University; Mahidol University; CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique