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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-1993Anthropophilic and zoophilic phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) from Thailand.C. Apiwathnasorn; S. Sucharit; K. Surathin; T. Deesin; Mahidol University
1-Dec-1993Biology of dengue vectors and their control in ThailandS. Sucharit; Y. Rongsriyam; V. Deesin; N. Komalamisra; C. Apiwathnasorn; K. Surathint; Mahidol University
1-Sep-1989A brief survey of phlebotomine sandflies in Thailand.C. Apiwathnasorn; S. Sucharit; Y. Rongsriyam; S. Leemingsawat; V. Kerdpibule; T. Deesin; K. Surathin; S. Vutikes; N. Punavuthi; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2011Distribution of cave-dwelling phlebotomine sand flies and their nocturnal and diurnal activity in Phitsanulok Province, ThailandR. Polseela; A. Vitta; S. Nateeworanart; C. Apiwathnasorn; Naresuan University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015Distribution of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in limestone caves, Khao Pathawi, Uthai Thani province, ThailandR. Polseela; A. Vitta; C. Apiwathnasorn; Naresuan University; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2019Geometric morphometric analysis of the effect of temperature on wing size and shape in Aedes albopictusT. Phanitchat; C. Apiwathnasorn; S. Sungvornyothin; Y. Samung; S. Dujardin; J. P. Dujardin; S. Sumruayphol; Université de Montpellier; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2007Influence of larval density or food variation on the geometry of the wing of Aedes (Stegomyia) aegyptiN. Jirakanjanakit; S. Leemingsawat; S. Thongrungkiat; C. Apiwathnasorn; S. Singhaniyom; C. Bellec; J. P. Dujardin; The Institute of Science and Technology for Research and Development, Mahidol University; Mahidol University; IRD Centre de Montpellier
1-Sep-2018Larvicidal and adulticidal activities of castor oil against the dengue vector, aedes aegyptiN. Wamaket; H. Dieng; N. Komalamisra; C. Apiwathnasorn; R. E. Morales; B. W. Thanomsub; R. Srisawat; S. Attrapadung; Universiti Malaysia Sarawak; Mahidol University; Srinakharinwirot University
1-Jan-2011Lead levels of Culex mosquito larvae inhabiting lead utilizing factoryS. Kitvatanachai; C. Apiwathnasorn; S. Leemingsawat; W. Wongwit; H. J. Overgaard; Rangsit University; Mahidol University; Universitetet for miljo- og biovitenskap
1-Dec-1988Population genetic studies on the Anopheles minimus complex in Thailand.S. Sucharit; N. Komalamisra; S. Leemingsawat; C. Apiwathnasorn; S. Thongrungkiat; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2016Preliminary observations on biology of a man-and cattlebiting phlebotomus major major and a cave dwelling phlebotomus stantoni under laboratory conditionsR. Polseela; C. Apiwathnasorn; Naresuan University; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2010Residual insecticidal activity of long-lasting deltamethrin-treated curtains after 1 year of household use for dengue controlV. Vanlerberghe; Y. Trongtokit; L. Cremonini; S. Jirarojwatana; C. Apiwathnasorn; P. Van Der Stuyft; Prins Leopold Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde; Mahidol University; Regional Office of Disease Prevention and Control (Region 3)
2-Sep-2011Seasonal distribution of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Tham Phra Phothisat temple, Saraburi province, ThailandR. Polseela; C. Apiwathnasorn; Y. Samung; Naresuan University; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2007Seasonal variation of cave-dwelling phlebotomie sandflies (diptera:psychodidae) in Phra Phothisat cave, Saraburi Province, ThailandR. Polseela; C. Apiwathnasorn; Y. Samung; Mahidol University
1-Jul-1998Thanaka (Limonia acidissima) and deet (di-methyl benzamide) mixture as a mosquito repellent for use by Karen womenS. W. Lindsay; J. A. Ewald; Y. Samung; C. Apiwathnasorn; F. Nosten; University of Durham; DBL -Center for Health Research and Development; Mahidol University; Shoklo Malaria Research Unit; John Radcliffe Hospital
1-Dec-2005Three indigenous Thai medicinal plants for control of Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus.P. Lapcharoen; C. Apiwathnasorn; N. Komalamisra; P. Dekumyoy; K. Palakul; Y. Rongsriyam; Mahidol University