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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Haem oxygenase 1 expression is associated with prognosis in cholangiocarcinoma patients and with drug sensitivity in xenografted miceS. Kongpetch; A. Puapairoj; C. K. Ong; L. Senggunprai; A. Prawan; U. Kukongviriyapan; W. Chan-On; E. Y. Siew; N. Khuntikeo; B. T. Teh; V. Kukongviriyapan; Khon Kaen University; National Cancer Centre, Singapore; National University of Singapore; Cancer Science Institute of Singapore; Mahidol University
1-Jun-2016JAK-STAT and G-protein-coupled receptor signaling pathways are frequently altered in epitheliotropic intestinal T-cell lymphomaM. L. Nairism├Ągi; J. Tan; J. Q. Lim; S. Nagarajan; C. C.Y. Ng; V. Rajasegaran; D. Huang; W. K. Lim; Y. Laurensia; G. C. Wijaya; Z. M. Li; I. Cutcutache; W. L. Pang; S. Thangaraju; J. Ha; L. P. Khoo; S. T. Chin; S. Dey; G. Poore; L. H.C. Tan; H. K.M. Koh; K. Sabai; H. L. Rao; K. L. Chuah; Y. H. Ho; S. B. Ng; S. S. Chuang; F. Zhang; Y. H. Liu; T. Pongpruttipan; Y. H. Ko; P. L. Cheah; N. Karim; W. J. Chng; T. Tang; M. Tao; K. Tay; M. Farid; R. Quek; S. G. Rozen; P. Tan; B. T. Teh; S. T. Lim; S. Y. Tan; C. K. Ong; National Cancer Centre, Singapore; Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore; Cancer Science Institute of Singapore; Duke University; Singapore General Hospital; Singapore Health Services; Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center; Tan Tock Seng Hospital; Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine; Chi Mei Medical Center; Taipei Medical University; Guangdong General Hospital; Mahidol University; SungKyunKwan University, School of Medicine; University of Malaya; Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun; National University Hospital, Singapore; A-Star, Genome Institute of Singapore; A-Star, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology