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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2019The haematological consequences of Plasmodium vivax malaria after chloroquine treatment with and without primaquine: A WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysisRobert J. Commons; Julie A. Simpson; Kamala Thriemer; Cindy S. Chu; Nicholas M. Douglas; Tesfay Abreha; Sisay G. Alemu; Arletta Añez; Nicholas M. Anstey; Abraham Aseffa; Ashenafi Assefa; Ghulam R. Awab; J. Kevin Baird; Bridget E. Barber; Isabelle Borghini-Fuhrer; Umberto D'Alessandro; Prabin Dahal; André Daher; Peter J. De Vries; Annette Erhart; Margarete S.M. Gomes; Matthew J. Grigg; Jimee Hwang; Piet A. Kager; Tsige Ketema; Wasif A. Khan; Marcus V.G. Lacerda; Toby Leslie; Benedikt Ley; Kartini Lidia; Wuelton M. Monteiro; Dhelio B. Pereira; Giao T. Phan; Aung P. Phyo; Mark Rowland; Kavitha Saravu; Carol H. Sibley; André M. Siqueira; Kasia Stepniewska; Walter R.J. Taylor; Guy Thwaites; Binh Q. Tran; Tran T. Hien; José Luiz F. Vieira; Sonam Wangchuk; James Watson; Timothy William; Charles J. Woodrow; Francois Nosten; Philippe J. Guerin; Nicholas J. White; Ric N. Price; Melbourne School of Population and Global Health; Health Works, Amsterdam; Tergooiziekenhuizen; Cho Ray Hospital; Jimma University; Armauer Hansen Research Institute; Addis Ababa University; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Columbia University Irving Medical Center; Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz; Menzies School of Health Research; Fundacao Universidade Federal de Rondonia; University of California, San Francisco; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Universidade Federal do Amapa; Manipal Academy of Higher Education; Kasturba Medical College, Manipal; University of Washington, Seattle; Mahidol University; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; Universidade do Estado do Amazonas; Universidade Federal do Para; Universitat de Barcelona; Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam; LSTMH; Medicines for Malaria Venture; Gleneagles Hospital; Ethiopian Public Health Institute; Nangarhar University; WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN); Nusa Cendana University; Infectious Diseases Society Sabah-Menzies School of Health Research Clinical Research Unit; Organización Panamericana de Salud; Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit; Fundação de Medicina Tropical Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado; WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN); International Centre for Diarrheal Diseases and Research; Centro de Pesquisa em Medicina Tropical de Rondônia (CEPEM); Ministry of Health; Secretaria de Saúde do Estado do Amapá; Oxford University Clinical Research Unit