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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2011Aldosterone increases Na<sup>+</sup>-K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase activity in skeletal muscle of patients with Conn's syndromeBunyong Phakdeekitcharoen; Wassana Kittikanokrat; Chusak Kijkunasathian; Varanuj Chatsudthipong; Mahidol University; Department of Research Centre; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Mar-2018Association between preoperative CT findings and meniscal injury in the fracture of tibial plateau: A preliminary reportSorawut Thamyongkit; Paphon Sa-Ngasoongsong; Noratep Kulachote; Thumanoon Ruangchaijatuporn; Nadhaporn Saengpetch; Chalermchai Limitlaohaphan; Chusak Kijkunasathian; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Oct-2011Comparison of bacterial eradication between standard and double-painted antiseptic application method in minor hand surgeryChusak Kijkunasathian; Kulchale Phetcharat; Patarawan Woratanarat; Pitak Suntiniran; Sasivimol Rattanasiri; Nadhaporn Saengpetch; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2018Does suture depth affect the pull-out strength of supraspinatus repair? A cadaveric modelNadhaporn Saengpetch; Chusak Kijkunasathian; Teerayut Dechmaneenin; Chalermchai Limitlaohaphan; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University; Vejthani Hospital
1-Dec-2009Gouty tophi caused limited knee range of motion: a case report.Chusak Kijkunasathian; Patarawan Woratanarat; Nadhaporn Saengpetch; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2018Is the bare spot a good landmark for arthroscopic evaluation of anterior glenoid bone loss?Chusak Kijkunasathian; Chalermchai Limitlaohaphan; Nadphorn Saengpetch; Porncharn Saitongdee; Krai Meemon; Chinnawut Suriyonplengsaeng; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2009The location of pes anserinus insertion in Thai people.Chusak Kijkunasathian; Chalermchai Limitlaohaphan; Nadhaporn Saengpetch; Porncharn Saitongdee; Patarawan Woratanarat; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2018Reliability of a novel measurement technique for using clavicular length to predict the location ofthe conoid and the trapezoid bundlesNadhaporn Saengpetch; Patarawan Woratanarat; Porncharn Saitongdee; Chusak Kijkunasathian; Chalermchai Limitloahaphan; Rangsit University; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2007Thyroid hormone increases mRNA and protein expression of Na<sup>+</sup>-K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase α<inf>2</inf>and β<inf>1</inf>subunits in human skeletal musclesBunyong Phakdeekitcharoen; Suchart Phudhichareonrat; Chathchai Pookarnjanamorakot; Chusak Kijkunasathian; Nattha Tubtong; Wassana Kittikanokrat; Piyanuch Radinahamed; Mahidol University; Prasat Neurological Institute
2561การพัฒนาชุดอุปกรณ์และรูปแบบการสอนการฝึกผ่าตัดส่องกล้องจำลองรัฐภูมิ วัชโรภาส; ชูศักดิ์ กิจคุณาเสถียร; เฉลิมชัย ลิมิตเลาหพันธุ์; ณัฐพร แสงเพชร; ชัชวาล เลิศบุษยานุกูล; ธิติพล วนิชชานนท์; ชายนันท์ วิจิตรตระการรุ่ง; Chusak Kijkunasathian; Chalermchai Limitlaohaphan; Nadhaporn Saengpetch; Chatchawan Leatbusayanukun; Thitiphol Wanitchanont; Chaiyanun Vijittrakarnrung; มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล. คณะแพทยศาสตร์โรงพยาบาลรามาธิบดี