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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018A clinical score for diagnosis of probable dengue in children in an endemic area, thailandChukiat Sirivichayakul; Kriengsak Limkittikul; Arunee Sabchareon; Vithaya Jiwariyavej; Wut Dulyachai; Saravudh Suvannadabba; Pornthep Chanthavanich; G. William Letson; Harold S. Margolis; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Thailand Ministry of Public Health; Mahidol University; Ratchaburi Regional Hospital
1-Mar-2011Dengue in Thailand and Cambodia: An assessment of the degree of underrecognized disease burden based on reported casesOle Wichmann; In Kyu Yoon; Sirenda Vong; Kriengsak Limkittikul; Robert V. Gibbons; Mammen P. Mammen; Sowath Ly; Philippe Buchy; Chukiat Sirivichayakul; Rome Buathong; Rekol Huy; G. William Letson; Arunee Sabchareon; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand; Institut Pasteur du Cambodge; Mahidol University; Thailand Ministry of Public Health; Ministry of Health Cambodia
1-Jul-2012Dengue infection in children in Ratchaburi, Thailand: A cohort study. I. Epidemiology of symptomatic acute dengue infection in children, 2006-2009Arunee Sabchareon; Chukiat Sirivichayakul; Kriengsak Limkittikul; Pornthep Chanthavanich; Saravudh Suvannadabba; Vithaya Jiwariyavej; Wut Dulyachai; Krisana Pengsaa; Harold S. Margolis; G. William Letson; Mahidol University; Thailand Ministry of Public Health; Ratchaburi Regional Hospital; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention San Juan; SB Chambers-Letson Global Public Health Consulting
1-Feb-2012Dengue infection in children in ratchaburi, thailand: A cohort study. ii. clinical manifestationsChukiat Sirivichayakul; Kriengsak Limkittikul; Pornthep Chanthavanich; Vithaya Jiwariyavej; Watcharee Chokejindachai; Krisana Pengsaa; Saravudh Suvannadabba; Wut Dulyachai; G. William Letson; Arunee Sabchareon; Mahidol University; Ratchaburi Regional Hospital; Thailand Ministry of Public Health; International Public Health Consultant
1-Jan-2010Dengue vaccine trial guidelines and role of large-scale, post proof-of-concept demonstration projects in bringing a dengue vaccine to use in dengue endemic areasG. William Letson; Pratap Singhasivanon; Eduardo Fernandez; Nihal Abeysinghe; Juan Jose Amador; Harold S. Margolis; Robert Edelman; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Mahidol University; Brock University; Ministry of Health Sri Lanka; Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH); University of Maryland School of Medicine