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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2013Association of suprathermal particles with coherent structures and shocksJ. A. Tessein; W. H. Matthaeus; M. Wan; K. T. Osman; D. Ruffolo; J. Giacalone; University of Delaware; The University of Warwick; Mahidol University; South Carolina Commission on Higher Education; University of Arizona
1-Feb-2020Observations of Energetic-particle Population Enhancements along Intermittent Structures near the Sun from the Parker Solar ProbeRiddhi Bandyopadhyay; W. H. Matthaeus; T. N. Parashar; R. Chhiber; D. Ruffolo; M. L. Goldstein; B. A. Maruca; A. Chasapis; R. Qudsi; D. J. McComas; E. R. Christian; J. R. Szalay; C. J. Joyce; J. Giacalone; N. A. Schwadron; D. G. Mitchell; M. E. Hill; M. E. Wiedenbeck; R. L. McNutt; M. I. Desai; Stuart D. Bale; J. W. Bonnell; Thierry Dudok De Wit; Keith Goetz; Peter R. Harvey; Robert J. MacDowall; David M. Malaspina; Marc Pulupa; M. Velli; J. C. Kasper; K. E. Korreck; M. Stevens; A. W. Case; N. Raouafi; California Institute of Technology; Universite d'Orleans; University of Minnesota Twin Cities; Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley; University of New Hampshire Durham; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; University of California, Berkeley; University of Maryland, Baltimore County; University of Delaware; Queen Mary, University of London; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Imperial College London; Mahidol University; The University of Arizona; Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Princeton University; University of Texas at San Antonio; The Bartol Research Institute; University of Colorado Boulder