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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-2011Assessment and comparative analysis of a rapid diagnostic test (Tubex<sup>®</sup>) for the diagnosis of typhoid fever among hospitalized children in rural TanzaniaBenedikt Ley; Kamala Thriemer; Shaali M. Ame; George M. Mtove; Lorenz von Seidlein; Ben Amos; Ilse C E Hendriksen; Abraham Mwambuli; Aikande Shoo; Deok R. Kim; Leon R. Ochiai; Michael Favorov; John D. Clemens; Harald Wilfing; Jacqueline L. Deen; Said M. Ali; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Public Health Laboratory (Pemba) - Ivo de Carneri; National Institute for Medical Research Tanga; Joint Malaria Programme; Menzies School of Health Research; Teule Hospital; Mahidol University; Universitat Wien
1-Jan-2008A cost function analysis of shigellosis in ThailandArthorn Riewpaiboon; Sitaporn Youngkong; Nutta Sreshthaputra; John F. Stewart; Seksun Samosornsuk; Wanpen Chaicumpa; Lorenz Von Seidlein; John D. Clemens; Mahidol University; Srinakharinwirot University; Chulalongkorn University; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Thammasat University; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul
1-Jan-2014Cost of illness due to typhoid fever in Pemba, Zanzibar, East AfricaArthorn Riewpaiboon; Moritz Piatti; Benedikt Ley; Jacqueline Deen; Kamala Thriemer; Lorenz von Seidlein; Mohammad SalehJiddawi; Clara Jana Lui Busch; Wolfgang H. Schmied; Said Mohammed Ali; Gi Deok Pak; Leon R. Ochiai; Mahesh K. Puri; Na Yoon Chang; Thomas F. Wierzba; John D. Clemens; Mahidol University; Ministry of Health Zanzibar; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Universitat Wien; Menzies School of Health Research; Public Health Laboratory (Pemba) - Ivo de Carneri
20-Mar-2007Genomic analysis of the Mozambique strain of Vibrio cholerae O1 reveals the origin of El Tor strains carrying classical CTX prophageShah M. Faruque; Vincent C. Tam; Nityananda Chowdhury; Pornphan Diraphat; Michelle Dziejman; John F. Heidelberg; John D. Clemens; John J. Mekalanos; G. Balakrish Nair; International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research Bangladesh; Mahidol University; University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry; J. Craig Venter Institute; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Harvard Medical School
1-May-2008Is HIV infection associated with an increased risk for cholera? Findings from a case-control study in MozambiqueLorenz Von Seidlein; Xuan Yi Wang; Arminda Macuamule; Catarina Mondlane; Mahesh Puri; Ilse Hendriksen; Jacqueline L. Deen; Claire Lise Chaignat; John D. Clemens; M. Ansaruzzaman; Avertino Barreto; Francisco F. Songane; Marcelino Lucas; International Vaccine Institute, Seoul; Ministry of Health Mozambique; CHAEM; Mahidol University; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; ICDDR, B Centre for Health and Population Research; C/o Joint Malaria Programme