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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-1976The changes of the hair roots in correlation to the clinical status of the nephrotic syndromeP. Tanphaichitr; S. Chatasingh; S. Dhanamitta; K. Tontisirin; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2008Community-based nutrition programsK. Tontisirin; L. Bhattacharjee; Mahidol University; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
1-Jan-1999Community-based programmes: Success factors for public nutrition derived from the experience of ThailandK. Tontisirin; P. Winichagoon; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1985Dietary approaches to the prevention of vitamin A deficiency.S. Charoenkiatkul; A. Valyasevi; K. Tontisirin; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1977Differences in Hair Roots among Children with Differing Nutritional Status and of Different Ethnic Origins: Clinical Investigators Should First Establish Their Own Normal Standards for Each Ethnic Group Being StudiedP. Tanphaichitr; S. Chatasingh; S. Dhanamitta; K. Tontisirin; Mahidol University
1-Dec-1993Effects of multivitamin supplementation for improvement of thiamin, riboflavin, and retinol nutrition in pediatric patientsJ. Angkatavanich; B. Panijpan; U. Suthutvoravut; K. Tontisirin; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1986Formulation and evaluation of supplementary foods for Thai pregnant womenK. Tontisirin; U. Booranasubkajorn; A. Hongsumarn; D. Thewtong; Mahidol University
1-Dec-1977Hair roots of children with different nutritional status and different ethnic originP. Tanphaichitr; S. Chatasingh; S. Dhanamitta; K. Tontisirin; Mahidol University
1-Oct-1999Lactitol tolerance in healthy Thai adultsS. Soontornchai; P. Sirichakwal; P. Puwastien; K. Tontisirin; D. Kr├╝ger; R. Grossklaus; Sukhothai Thammatirat Open University; Mahidol University; Robert Koch Institut; Fed. Inst. Hlth. Protect. C.
1-Dec-1980The possibility of the native alcoholic drugs as an etiological factor of the acquired prothrombin complex deficiency syndromeS. Santawanpas; P. Bhanchet-Isarangkura; K. Tontisirin; C. Mahasandana; Mahidol University
1-Dec-1999Prevention and control effective approaches for use by health professionalsK. Tontisirin; P. Winichagoon; L. Bhattacharjee; Mahidol University
24-Mar-2001A social epidemiologic study of obesity among preschool children in ThailandN. Sakamoto; S. Wansorn; K. Tontisirin; E. Marui; National Center for Global Health and Medicine; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2013Thailand conquered under-nutrition very successfully but has not slowed obesityV. Chavasit; V. Kasemsup; K. Tontisirin; Mahidol University