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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Clinical features and outcomes in patient with antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody-Positive glomerulonephritis associated with propylthiouracil treatment in Siriraj HospitalNithat Visavachaipan; Leena Ong-Ajyooth; Thawee Chanchairujuira; Paisal Parichatikanond; Boonyarit Choensuchon; Mahidol University
15-Sep-2006Effect of short-term folate and vitamin B supplementation on blood homocysteine level and carotid artery wall thickness in chronic hemodialysis patientsPakorn Tungkasereerak; Leena Ong-Ajyooth; Walailak Chaiyasoot; Sompong Ong-Ajyooth; Wattana Leowattana; Somkiat Vasuvattakul; Kriengsak Vareesangthip; Chairat Shayakul; Thawee Chanchairujira; Suchai Sritippayawan; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2006The effect of α-tocopherol on the oxidative stress and antioxidants in idiopathic IgA nephropathyLeena Ong-Ajyooth; Sompong Ong-Ajyooth; Paisal Parichatikanond; Mahidol University
1-Dec-1996Lipoproteins and lipid peroxidation abnormalities in patients with chronic renal diseaseLeena Ong-Ajyooth; Sompong Ong-Ajyooth; Kulnaree Sirisalee; Sanga Nilwarangkur; Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2010Malnutrition-inflammation score associated with atherosclerosis, inflammation and shortChotima Pisetkul; Kullanuch Chanchairujira; Nucharee Chotipanvittayakul; Leena Ong-Ajyooth; Thawee Chanchairujira; Mahidol University
31-Dec-2009Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in Thai adults: A national health surveyLeena Ong-Ajyooth; Kriengsak Vareesangthip; Panrasri Khonputsa; Wichai Aekplakorn; Mahidol University; Thailand Ministry of Public Health
1-Feb-1997Reduced Free Radical Scavengers and Chronic Renal FailureLeena Ong-Ajyooth; Kanya Tiensong; Sompong Ong-Ajyooth; Sanga Nilwarangkur; Mahidol University
1-Oct-2005Relationship between hyperhomocysteinemia and atherosclerosis in chronic hemodialysis patientsPuntapong Taruangsri; Leena Ong-Ajyooth; Sompong Ong-Ajyooth; Walailak Chaiyasoot; Wattana Leowattana; Suchai Sritippayawan; Kriengsak Vareesangthip; Thawee Chanchairujira; Somkiat Vasuvattakul; Chairat Shayakul; Supat Vanichakarn; Mahidol University
1-May-2006The relationship between serum concentration of cardiac troponin I in chronic renal failure patients and cardiovascular eventsKitigon Vichairuangthum; Wattana Leowattana; Leena Ong-Ajyooth; Sasikant Pokum; Mahidol University
1-Jul-1999The renin - Angiotensin system gene polymorphisms and clinicopathological correlations in IgA nephropathySompong Ong-Ajyooth; Leena Ong-Ajyooth; Apinan Limmongkon; Anchalee Tiensingh; Paisal Parichatikanon; Sanga Nilwarangkur; Mahidol University