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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2012Ovarian cancer and body size: Individual participant meta-analysis including 25,157 women with ovarian cancer from 47 epidemiological studiesV. Beral; C. Hermon; R. Peto; G. Reeves; L. Brinton; P. Marchbanks; E. Negri; R. B. Ness; P. H.M. Peeters; M. Vessey; E. E. Calle; S. M. Gapstur; A. V. Patel; L. Dal Maso; R. Talamini; A. Chetrit; G. Hirsh-Yechezkel; F. Lubin; S. Sadetzki; N. Allen; D. Bull; K. Callaghan; B. Crossley; K. Gaitskell; A. Goodill; J. Green; T. Key; K. Moser; R. Collins; R. Doll; C. A. Gonzalez; N. Lee; H. W. Ory; H. B. Peterson; P. A. Wingo; N. Martin; T. Pardthaisong; S. Silpisornkosol; C. Theetranont; B. Boosiri; S. Chutivongse; P. Jimakorn; P. Virutamasen; C. Wongsrichanalai; A. Tjonneland; L. Titus-Ernstoff; T. Byers; T. Rohan; B. J. Mosgaard; D. Yeates; J. L. Freudenheim; J. Chang-Claude; R. Kaaks; K. E. Anderson; A. Folsom; M. A. Rossing; D. B. Thomas; N. S. Weiss; E. Riboli; F. Clavel-Chapelon; D. Cramer; K. Robien; S. S. Tworoger; D. Cramer; S. E. Hankinson; S. S. Tworoger; S. Franceschi; C. La Vecchia; C. Magnusson; T. Riman; E. Weiderpass; A. Wolk; L. J. Schouten; P. A. Van den Brandt; N. Chantarakul; S. Koetsawang; D. Rachawat; D. Palli; A. Black; A. Berrington de Gonzalez; D. M. Freedman; P. Hartge; A. W. Hsing; J. V. Lacey; R. N. Hoover; C. Schairer; S. Graff-Iversen; R. Selmer; C. J. Bain; A. C. Green; D. M. Purdie; V. Siskind; P. M. Webb; American Cancer Society; IRCCS Centro Di Riferimento Oncologico Aviano; The Gertner Institute; Cancer Epidemiology Unit; Clinical Trial Service Unit; Institute Catala Oncologia; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Chiang Mai University; Chulalongkorn University; Institute of Cancer Epidemiology - Denmark; Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth; Colorado School of Public Health; Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University; Amtssygehuset i Herlev; Department of Public Health; University at Buffalo, State University of New York; German Cancer Research Center; University of Minnesota School of Public Health; University of Washington, Seattle; Imperial College London; Centre de recherche en epidemiologie et sante des populations; Harvard Medical School; Brigham and Women's Hospital; Channing Laboratory; International Agency for Research on Cancer; Universita degli Studi di Milano; Karolinska Institutet; Maastricht University; Mahidol University; Centro Per Lo Studio E La Prevenzione Oncologica; National Cancer Institute; Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Queensland Institute of Medical Research; Roswell Park Cancer Institute; Royal College of General Practitioners' Oral Contraception Study; Curtin University; University of Texas System; University of Massachusetts System; Boston University; Stanford University; University of Athens Medical School; Universidad de Chile; University of Hawaii System; Skånes universitetssjukhus; University of Pennsylvania; University Medical Center Utrecht; University of Southern California; University of Toronto; Universitetet i Tromso; George Washington University; Vanderbilt University; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; Yale University