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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2014Induction of adult levels of β-globin in human erythroid cells that intrinsically express embryonic or fetal globin by transduction with KLF1 and BCL11A-XLKongtana Trakarnsanga; Marieangela C. Wilson; Winnie Lau; Belinda K. Singleton; Steve F. Parsons; Punthita Sakuntanaga; Ryo Kurita; Yukio Nakamura; David J. Anstee; Jan Frayne; University of Bristol; National Blood Service; Mahidol University; Riken BioResource Center
14-Jul-2014Qualitative and quantitative comparison of the proteome of erythroid cells differentiated from human iPSCs and adult erythroid cells by multiplex TMT labelling and nanoLC-MS/MSKongtana Trakarnsanga; Marieangela C. Wilson; Rebecca E. Griffiths; Ashley M. Toye; Lee Carpenter; Kate J. Heesom; Steve F. Parsons; David J. Anstee; Jan Frayne; University of Bristol; Mahidol University; National Blood Service; John Radcliffe Hospital
1-Aug-2004SERF: A new antigen in the Cromer blood group systemJ. Banks; J. Poole; N. Ahrens; A. Seltsam; A. Salama; K. Hue-Roye; J. R. Storry; P. Palacajornsuk; B. W. Ma; D. M. Lublin; Marion E. Reid; National Blood Service; Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin; New York Blood Center; Mahidol University; Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; Hanover Medical College; Lunds Universitet
1-Sep-2012Tropical distal renal tubular acidosis: Clinical and epidemiological studies in 78 patientsS. Khositseth; L. J. Bruce; S. B. Walsh; W. M. Bawazir; G. D. Ogle; R. J. Unwin; M. K. Thong; R. Sinha; K. E. Choo; W. Chartapisak; P. Kingwatanakul; A. Sumboonnanonda; S. Vasuvattakul; P. Yenchitsomanus; O. wrong; Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University; National Blood Service; UCL; University of Bristol; HOPE worldwide (PNG); University of Malaya; Christian Medical College, Vellore; School of Medical Sciences - Universiti Sains Malaysia; Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University; Chulalongkorn University; Mahidol University