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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2021Excessive salt consumption causes systemic calcium mishandling and worsens microarchitecture and strength of long bones in ratsWacharaporn Tiyasatkulkovit; Sirion Aksornthong; Punyanuch Adulyaritthikul; Pornpailin Upanan; Kannikar Wongdee; Ratchaneevan Aeimlapa; Jarinthorn Teerapornpuntakit; Catleya Rojviriya; Nattapon Panupinthu; Narattaphol Charoenphandhu; Chulalongkorn University; Naresuan University; Mahidol University; Burapha University; Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization); Academy of Science
1-Jan-2014Naturally occurring neomorphic PIK3R1 mutations activate the MAPK pathway, dictating therapeutic response to MAPK pathway inhibitorsLydia W.T. Cheung; Shuangxing Yu; Dong Zhang; Jie Li; Patrick K.S. Ng; Nattapon Panupinthu; Shreya Mitra; Zhenlin Ju; Qinghua Yu; Han Liang; David H. Hawke; Yiling Lu; Russell R. Broaddus; Gordon B. Mills; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Mahidol University
15-Feb-2018Prolonged exposure to 1,25(OH)<inf>2</inf>D<inf>3</inf> and high ionized calcium induces FGF-23 production in intestinal epithelium-like Caco-2 monolayer: A local negative feedback for preventing excessive calcium transportMayuree Rodrat; Kannikar Wongdee; Nattapon Panupinthu; Jirawan Thongbunchoo; Jarinthorn Teerapornpuntakit; Nateetip Krishnamra; Narattaphol Charoenphandhu; Naresuan University; Mahidol University; Burapha University
1-Jan-2017YAP/TAZ-mediated upregulation of GAB2 leads to increased sensitivity to growth factor-induced activation of the PI3K pathwayChao Wang; Chao Gu; Kang Jin Jeong; Dong Zhang; Wei Guo; Yiling Lu; Zhenlin Ju; Nattapon Panupinthu; Ji Yeon Yang; Mihai Mike Gagea; Patrick Kwok Shing Ng; Fan Zhang; Gordon B. Mills; Fudan University; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Mahidol University