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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2013Post-exposure prophylaxis in resource-poor settings: Review and recommendations for pre-departure risk assessment and planning for expatriate healthcare workersNidhi Vaid; Katherine M. Langan; Richard J. Maude; Royal London Hospital; Department of Infectious Diseases; Monash University; Mahidol University; University of Oxford; Worcester Royal Infirmary
2012Temporal trends in severe malaria in Chittagong, BangladeshMaude, Richard James; Hasan, Mahtab Uddin; Hossain, Md Amir; Sayeed, Abdullah Abu; Paul, Sanjib Kanti; Waliur Rahman; Maude, Rapeephan Rattanawongnara; Nidhi Vaid; Aniruddha Ghose; Robed Amin; Rasheda Samad; Yunus, Emran Bin; Rahman, M Ridwanur; Bangali, Abdul M; Hoque, M Gofranul; White, Nicholas J; White, Lisa J; Dondorp, Arjen M; Faiz, M Abul; Day, Nicholas PJ; Mahidol University. Faculty of Tropical Medicine. Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit
14-Sep-2012Temporal trends in severe malaria in Chittagong, BangladeshRichard James Maude; Mahtab Uddin Hasan; Md Amir Hossain; Abdullah Abu Sayeed; Sanjib Kanti Paul; Waliur Rahman; Rapeephan Rattanawongnara Maude; Nidhi Vaid; Aniruddha Ghose; Robed Amin; Rasheda Samad; Emran Bin Yunus; M. Ridwanur Rahman; Abdul M. Bangali; M. Gofranul Hoque; Nicholas P.J. Day; Nicholas J White; Lisa J. White; Arjen M. Dondorp; M. Abul Faiz; Mahidol University; Churchill Hospital; Heartlands Hospital; Chittagong Medical College Hospital; Royal London Hospital; Dhaka Medical College; Centre for Specialized Care and Research; Dev Care Foundation; Shaheed Shwarwardhy Medical College; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante