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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Adverse effects of falciparum and vivax malaria and the safety of antimalarial treatment in early pregnancy: A population-based studyR. McGready; S. J. Lee; J. Wiladphaingern; E. A. Ashley; M. J. Rijken; M. Boel; J. A. Simpson; M. K. Paw; M. Pimanpanarak; Oh Mu; P. Singhasivanon; N. J. White; F. H. Nosten; Shoklo Malaria Research Unit; Mahidol University; University of Oxford; University of Melbourne
1-Jun-1989Age-adjusted dengue haemorrhagic fever morbidity in Thailand 1983-1987.D. Kitayaporn; P. Singhasivanon; C. Vasuvat; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2019Association between circulating cortisol and ACTH and severity of dengue infection in adult patientsS. Sura-Amornkul; N. Pitabut; K. Pholtawornkulchai; P. Matangkasombut; A. Sakuntabhai; P. Singhasivanon; King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang; Vajira Hospital; Mahidol University; CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; Institut Pasteur, Paris
1-Jan-2001Association of Helminth infections with increased gametocyte carriage during mild falciparum malaria in ThailandM. Nacher; P. Singhasivanon; U. Silachamroon; S. Treeprasertsuk; S. Krudsood; F. Gay; D. Mazier; S. Looareesuwan; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2001Association of hepatomegaly and jaundice with acute renal failure but not with cerebral malaria in severe falciparum malaria in ThailandM. Nacher; S. Treeprasertsuk; P. Singhasivanon; U. Silachamroon; S. Vannaphan; F. Gay; S. Looareesuwan; P. Wilairatana; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2001Association of splenomegaly with cerebral malaria and decreased concentrations of reactive nitrogen intermediates in ThailandM. Nacher; P. Singhasivanon; S. Treeprasertsuk; Y. Chantachum; S. Vannaphan; B. Traore; F. Gay; S. Looareesuwan; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2006C-reactive protein, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor-α levels in overweight and healthy adultsS. Chaikate; T. Harnroongroj; Y. Chantaranipapong; S. Puduang; A. Mahaisiriyodom; D. Viroonudomphol; P. Singhasivanon; F. P. Schelp; S. Tornee; S. Tribunyatkul; S. Changbumrung; Mahidol University; Priest Hospital; Freie Universitat Berlin; Srinakharinwirot University
1-Jan-1999Chloroquine sensitivity of Plasmodium vivax in ThailandS. Looareesuwan; P. Wilairatana; S. Krudsood; S. Treeprasertsuk; P. Singhasivanon; V. Bussaratid; W. Chokjindachai; P. Viriyavejakul; K. Chalermrut; D. S. Walsh; N. J. White; Mahidol University; Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
1-Dec-2000Clinical trial of sequential treatments of moderately severe and severe malaria with dihydroartemisinin suppository followed by mefloquine in ThailandP. Wilairatna; S. Krudsood; U. Silachamroon; P. Singhasivanon; S. Vannaphan; S. Faithong; M. Klabprasit; S. Na Bangchang; P. Olliaro; S. Looareesuwan; Mahidol University
1-Jul-2011Community awareness and perceptions of health sector preparedness and response to cyclone NargisN. W. Myint; J. Kaewkungwal; P. Singhasivanon; K. Chaisiri; P. Ponpet; P. Siriwan; A. K. Mallik; K. W. Thet; Medical Care Division; Mahidol University; Ministry of Public Health; Red Cross Society; World Health Organization, Thailand
1-Aug-1998A comparison of three different dihydroartemisinin formulations for the treatment of acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria in ThailandP. Wilairatana; P. Chanthavanich; P. Singhasivanon; S. Treeprasertsuk; S. Krudsood; K. Chalermrut; C. Phisalaphong; K. Kraisintu; S. Looareesuwan; Dept. of Clinical Tropical Medicine; The Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Bangkok; Thailand Government Pharmaceutical Organization; Mahidol University
1-Jun-1998Consensus recommendation on the treatment of malaria in Southeast AsiaS. Looareesuwan; P. Olliaro; N. J. White; T. Chongsuphajaisiddhi; A. Sabcharoen; K. Thimasarn; F. Nosten; P. Singhasivanon; S. Supavej; S. Khusmith; S. Wylings; T. Kanyok; D. Walsh; P. A. Leggat; E. B. Doberstyn; Mahidol University; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; Thailand Ministry of Public Health; Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand; James Cook University, Australia; WHO
26-Dec-2008Development and validation of a high-throughput zwitterionic hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography solid-phase extraction-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of the anti-influenza drug peramivir in plasmaN. Lindegardh; W. Hanpithakpong; A. Phakdeeraj; P. Singhasivanon; J. Farrar; T. T. Hien; N. J. White; N. P.J. Day; Mahidol University; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; UCL
1-Nov-2007Development and validation of a liquid chromatographic-tandem mass spectrometric method for determination of oseltamivir and its metabolite oseltamivir carboxylate in plasma, saliva and urineN. Lindegårdh; W. Hanpithakpong; Y. Wattanagoon; P. Singhasivanon; N. J. White; N. P J Day; Mahidol University; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
1-Dec-2001Effect of primaquine standard dose (15 mg/day for 14 days) in the treatment of vivax malaria patients in ThailandKrudsood Buchachart; S. Krudsood; P. Singhasivanon; S. Treeprasertsuk; N. Phophak; S. Srivilairit; K. Chalermrut; Y. Rattanapong; L. Supeeranuntha; P. Wilairatana; G. Brittenham; S. Looareesuwan; Mahidol University; Columbia University in the City of New York
1-Jan-1999Efficacy of primaquine regimens for primaquine-resistant Plasmodium vivax malaria in ThailandP. Wilairatana; U. Silachamroon; S. Krudsood; P. Singhasivanon; S. Treeprasertsuk; V. Bussaratid; W. Phumratanaprapin; S. Srivilirit; S. Looareesuwan; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2006Elimination of visceral leishmaniasis in Nepal: Pipe-dreams and possibilitiesAnand Ballabh Joshi; M. R. Banjara; S. Pokhrel; M. Jimba; P. Singhasivanon; R. W. Ashford; Tribhuvan University; University of Tokyo; Mahidol University; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
1-Jan-2007Estimating population size using spatial analysis methodsA. Pinto; V. Brown; K. W. Chan; I. F. Chavez; S. Chupraphawan; R. F. Grais; P. C. Lai; S. H. Mak; J. E. Rigby; P. Singhasivanon; Organisation Mondiale de la Sante; Epicentre; The University of Hong Kong; Mahidol University; University of Sheffield
1-Sep-1999Evaluation of direct agglutination test (DAT) as an immunodiagnostic tool for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in NepalA. B. Joshi; P. Singhasivanon; S. Khusmith; W. Fungladda; A. Nandy; Mahidol University; Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine
1-Dec-1994Fluconazole-induced agranulocytosis [4]S. Chuncharunee; B. Sathapatayavongs; P. Singhasivanon; V. Singhasivanon; Mahidol University