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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Accurate bedside diagnostic kit for determining haemophilia A and BAmpaiwan Chuansumrit; B. Pongtanakul; P. Kadegasem; W. Sasanakul; S. Chotsupakarn; P. Kitpoka; P. Wongwerawattanakoon; S. Bejrachandra; Mahidol University
12-Sep-2008Efficacy of different doses of recombinant activated factor VII in the treatment of haemophilia children with inhibitorAmpaiwan Chuansumrit; N. Sirachainan; S. Pakakasama; A. Suebsangad; S. Chotsuppakarn; P. Wongwerawattanakoon; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2016Prenatal diagnosis for haemophilia: the Thai experienceA. Chuansumrit; W. Sasanakul; P. Promsonthi; N. Sirachainan; P. Panburana; P. Kadegasem; P. Wongwerawattanakoon; Mahidol University; Bumrunngrad Hospital
1-Jan-2007Rituximab as an adjuvant therapy to immune tolerance in a haemophilia A boy with high inhibitor titreAmpaiwan Chuansumrit; S. Husapadol; P. Wongwerawattanakoon; S. Hongeng; N. Sirachainan; S. Pakakasama; Mahidol University
1-May-2013Safety and efficacy of recombinant activated factor VII for long-term secondary prophylaxis in a haemophilia boy with high-titre inhibitorsA. Chuansumrit; N. Sirachainan; M. Panuwannakorn; P. Wongwerawattanakoon; P. Kadegasem; W. Choeyprasert; W. Sasanakul; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2013Simple and accurate bedside diagnostic kit for determining haemophilia A and B: A revised versionW. Sasanakul; P. Kadegasem; W. Chaiyaratana; P. Wongwerawattanakoon; N. Sirachainan; A. Chuansumrit; Mahidol University