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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Association between lumbopelvic motion and muscle activation in patients with non-specific low back pain during forward bending task: A cross-sectional studyPeemongkon Wattananon; Komsak Sinsurin; Sirikarn Somprasong; Mahidol University
1-May-2020Effect of increased relative stiffness of the lumbar spine on hamstring muscle stretching in individuals with a history of low back pain suspected to have a clinical lumbar instability: A randomized crossover designPeemongkon Wattananon; Wallika Prasertkul; Prasert Sakulsriprasert; James J. Laskin; University of Montana; Mahidol University
22-Feb-2019Game-based Enhancement for Rehabilitation Based on Action Recognition Using KinectChanat Sinpithakkul; Worapan Kusakunniran; Sunee Bovonsunthonchai; Peemongkon Wattananon; Mahidol University; Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
1-Jan-2019Individuals with and without low back pain use different motor control strategies to achieve spinal stiffness during the prone instability testWon Sung; Gregory E. Hicks; David Ebaugh; Susan S. Smith; Scott Stackhouse; Peemongkon Wattananon; Sheri P. Silfies; University of Delaware; University of New England, USA; University of South Carolina; Drexel University; Mahidol University; Good Shepherd Penn Partners-Penn Therapy and Fitness
3-Apr-2019Inter-rater reliability and cross-validation of lumbar stability testPeemongkon Wattananon; Chutiporn Thammajaree; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2019Lumbar Multifidus and Erector Spinae Muscle Synergies in Patients with Nonspecific Low Back Pain During Prone Hip Extension: A Cross-sectional StudyPeemongkon Wattananon; Sheri P. Silfies; Jarugool Tretriluxana; Wattana Jalayondeja; Drexel University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2018Reduced instantaneous center of rotation movement in patients with low back painPeemongkon Wattananon; Nattaporn Intawachirarat; Marco Cannella; Won Sung; Sheri P. Silfies; Drexel University; Mahidol University; Good Shepherd Penn Partners
1-Jan-2020Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation in conjunction with ultrasound imaging technique to investigate lumbar multifidus muscle activation deficitPeemongkon Wattananon; Panakorn Sungnak; Sranya Songjaroen; Phunsuk Kantha; Wei Li Hsu; Hsing Kuo Wang; Mahidol University; National Taiwan University