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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2005Active site binding modes of curcumin in HIV-1 protease and integraseOpa Vajragupta; Preecha Boonchoong; Garrett M. Morris; Arthur J. Olson; Mahidol University; Ubon Rajathanee University; Scripps Research Institute
1-Jan-2000Chroman amide and nicotinyl amide derivatives: Inhibition of lipid peroxidation and protection against head traumaOpa Vajragupta; Suwanna Toasaksiri; Chantana Boonyarat; Yuvadee Wongkrajang; Penchom Peungvicha; Hiroshi Watanabe; Preecha Boonchoong; Mahidol University; University of Toyama
19-Oct-2000Comparative quantitative structure-activity study of radical scavengersOpa Vajragupta; Preecha Boonchoong; Yuvadee Wongkrajang; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2004Manganese complexes of curcumin analogues: Evaluation of hydroxyl radical scavenging ability, superoxide dismutase activity and stability towards hydrolysisOpa Vajragupta; Preecha Boonchoong; Lawrence J. Berliner; Mahidol University; University of Denver
2003Manganese complexes of curcumin and its derivatives: Evaluation for the radical scavenging ability and neuroprotective activityOpa Vajragupta; Preecha Boonchoong; Hiroshi Watanabe; Michihisa Tohda; Naparat Kummasud; Yaowared Sumanont; Mahidol University; University of Toyama
15-May-2003Manganese-based complexes of radical scavengers as neuroprotective agentsOpa Vajragupta; Preecha Boonchoong; Yaowared Sumanont; Hiroshi Watanabe; Yuvadee Wongkrajang; Naparat Kammasud; Mahidol University; University of Toyama
2002Neuroprotection of HydroxynicotinylAmide 18 against Lipid Peroxidationand,Memory ImpairmentOpa Vajragupta; Orawan Monthakantirat; Preecha Boonchoong; Hiroshi Watanabe; Penchom Peungvicha; Mahidol Univesity. Faculty of Pharmacy. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2002New leads of HIV-1 integrase inhibitorsOpa Vajragupta; Preecha Boonchoong; Mahidol Univesity. Faculty of Pharmacy. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Ubon Ratchathani University. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry