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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2019Acid-catalyzed esterification pretreatment of high free fatty acid crude rice bran oil for biodiesel productionTin Mar Lar Thein; Vinod K. Jindal; Ranjna Jindal; Nuttawan Yoswathana; Mahidol University
2019Acid-Catalyzed Esterification Pretreatment of High Free Fatty Acid Crude Rice Bran Oil for Biodiesel ProductionTin Mar Lar Thein; Jindal, Vinod K.; Ranjna Jindal; NuttawanYoswathana; Mahidol University. Faculty of Engineering. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Mahidol University. Faculty of Engineering. Department of Chemical Engineering
1-Mar-2020Biodiesel Production from Refined Rice Bran Oil Using Eggshell Waste As Catalyst Impregnated with Silver NanoparticlesFebrian Rizkianto; Vinod Kumar Jindal; Ranjna Jindal; Romanee Thongdara; Masaki Takaoka; Kazuyuki Oshita; Mahidol University; Kyoto University
1-Nov-2010Degradation of humic acid in soil aqueous extract using the fenton reaction and a microbiological techniqueNawaphorn Khumsiri; Ranjna Jindal; Nuttawan Yoswathana; Woranart Jonglertjunya; Mahidol University
11-Apr-2011Modeling of Cadmium Removal from Domestic Wastewater in Constructed Wetlands Using STELLA Simulation ProgramPura GarcĂ­a de Bullen; Ranjna Jindal; Kraichat Tantrakarnapa; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2015Occurrence and efficacy of bisphenol A (BPA) treatment in selected municipalwastewater treatment plants, Bangkok, ThailandIntira Pookpoosa; Ranjna Jindal; Daisy Morknoy; Kraichat Tantrakarnapa; Mahidol University; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
15-Dec-2011Pharmaceutical residues in wastewater treatment plants and surface waters in BangkokYing Li; Ranjna Jindal; Kyungho Choi; Young Lim Kho; Pura Garcia de Bullen; Mahidol University; Seoul National University; Eulji University; Biofine Technology, LLC
15-Dec-2011Posttreatment of UASB Effluents of Tapioca Starch Wastewater Using Downflow Hanging Sponge SystemPatcharin Racho; Ranjna Jindal; Boonchai Wichitsathian; Suranaree University of Technology; Mahidol University