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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Imidazolylmethylpyrene sensor for dual optical detection of explosive chemical: 2,4,6-TrinitrophenolRapheepraew Sodkhomkhum; Manlika Masik; Sarayut Watchasit; Chomchai Suksai; Jaursup Boonmak; Sujittra Youngme; Nantanit Wanichacheva; Vuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Mahidol University; Burapha University; Khon Kaen University; Silpakorn University
1-Apr-2019Modifying interlayer space of montmorillonite with octakis(3-(1-methylimidazolium)propyl) octasilsesquioxane chlorideVuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Supphachok Chanmungkalakul; Nut Churinthorn; Thapakorn Jaroentomeechai; Sasikarn Hanprasit; Rapheepraew Sodkhomkhum; Pusthira Kaewpijit; Suda Kiatkamjornwong; Chulalongkorn University; Mahidol University; FRS(T)
1-Jan-2016Solid–state Synthesis of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane-Supported N-Heterocyclic Carbenes/Imidazolium salts on Palladium Nanoparticles: Highly Active and Recyclable CatalystSudip Mohapatra; Thanawat Chaiprasert; Rapheepraew Sodkhomkhum; Rungthip Kunthom; Sasikarn Hanprasit; Preeyanuch Sangtrirutnugul; Vuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Mahidol University
24-Nov-2014Synthesis of aromatic functionalized cage-rearranged silsesquioxanes (T<inf>8</inf>, T<inf>10</inf>, and T<inf>12</inf>) via nucleophilic substitution reactionsSupansa Chimjarn; Rungthip Kunthom; Prapassorn Chancharone; Rapheepraew Sodkhomkhum; Preeyanuch Sangtrirutnugul; Vuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Mahidol University
8-Mar-2016Synthesis of poly(siloxane/double-decker silsesquioxane) via dehydrocarbonative condensation reaction and its functionalizationRapheepraew Sodkhomkhum; Vuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Mahidol University
1-Jul-2013Unprecedented formation of cis- and trans-di[(3-chloropropyl) isopropoxysilyl]-bridged double-decker octaphenylsilsesquioxanesVuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Rapheepraew Sodkhomkhum; Thapong Teerawatananond; Chuttree Phurat; Pranee Phinyocheep; Ekasith Somsook; Tanakorn Osotchan; Mahidol University; Chulalongkorn University