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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jun-2009Angiotensin-converting enzyme is a modifier of hypertensive end organ damageXiaojun Liu; Christopher O.C. Bellamy; Matthew A. Bailey; Linda J. Mullins; Donald R. Dunbar; Christopher J. Kenyon; Gillian Brooker; Surasak Kantachuvesiri; Klio Maratou; Ali Ashek; Allan F. Clark; Stewart Fleming; John J. Mullins; University of Edinburgh; Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Mahidol University; Hammersmith Hospital; Ninewells Hospital
1-Oct-2019Developing the role of midwives as 'contraceptive champions' to support early access to effective postnatal contraception for womenAnnette Gallimore; Alison Craig; Sharon Cameron; Dona Milne; Fatim Lakha; Mahidol University; NHS Lothian; Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Chalmers Sexual Health Centre
1-Nov-1989Ethnic differences in the renal sodium-dopamine relationship: a possible explanation for regional variation in the prevalence of hypertension?J. A.J.H. Critchley; M. R. Lee; C. J. Gordon; K. Makarananda; K. Sriwatanakul; M. Balali-Mood; G. L. Boye; Prince of Wales Hospital Hong Kong; Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Mahidol University; Imam Reza Hospital; University of Ghana
1-Dec-2006A simple presurgical necrotizing enterocolitis-mortality scoring systemU. Kessler; A. Mungnirandr; M. Nelle; A. F. Nimmo; Z. Zachariou; S. Berger; Universitat Bern; Mahidol University; Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
1-Jan-2014Tools for detection of Mycoplasma amphoriforme: A primary respiratory pathogen?Clare L. Ling; Katarina Oravcova; Thomas F. Beattie; Dean D. Creer; Paul Dilworth; Naomi L. Fulton; Alison Hardie; Michelle Munro; Marcus Pond; Kate Templeton; David Webster; Sarita Workman; Timothy D. McHugh; Stephen H. Gillespie; UCL; University of St Andrews, School of Medicine; Royal Hospital for Sick Children; Barnet General Hospital; UCL Medical School; Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Health Protection Agency; NHS Foundation Trust; Mahidol University