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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2008Amino acid substitutions in αA and αC of Cyt2Aa2 alter hemolytic activity and mosquito-larvicidal specificityBoonhiang Promdonkoy; Amporn Rungrod; Patcharee Promdonkoy; Wanwarang Pathaichindachote; Chartchai Krittanai; Sakol Panyim; Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; Mahidol University
18-Sep-2006Anti-CHH antibody causes impaired hyperglycemia in Penaeus monodonSupattra Treerattrakool; Apinunt Udomkit; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
25-Jan-2005Antiserum to the gp116 glycoprotein of yellow head virus neutralizes infectivity in primary lymphoid organ cells of Penaeus monodonWanchai Assavalapsakul; Witoon Tirasophon; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
1-Oct-2010Antiviral effect of PmRab7 knock-down on inhibition of Laem-Singh virus replication in black tiger shrimpChalermporn Ongvarrasopone; Ekapol Chomchay; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
1-Mar-2004Apoptosis in Dengue Virus Infected Liver Cell Lines HepG2 and Hep3BThananya Thongtan; Sakol Panyim; Duncan R. Smith; Mahidol University
1-Jun-2007Application of AFLP technique to the study of calving interval trait of thai swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)Benchamart Moolmuang; Supajit Sraphet; Ancharlie Na-Chiangmai; Duncan R. Smith; Sakol Panyim; Kanokpom Triwitayakorn; Mahidol University; Department of Livestock Development
25-May-2009Application of YHV-protease dsRNA for protection and therapeutic treatment against yellow head virus infection in Litopenaeus vannameiWanchai Assavalapsakul; Wanlop Chinnirunvong; Sakol Panyim; Chulalongkorn University; Mahidol University
31-May-2004Aromaticity of tyr-202 in the α4-α5 loop is essential for toxicity of the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4A toxinWalairat Pornwiroon; Gerd Katzenmeier; Sakol Panyim; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2021Assessment of the function of gonad-specific PmAgo4 in viral replication and spermatogenesis in Penaeus monodonTeerapong Ho; Sakol Panyim; Apinunt Udomkit; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2020An ATP synthase beta subunit is required for internalization of dsRNA into shrimp cellsPoohrawind Sanitt; Sakol Panyim; Apinunt Udomkit; Mahidol University
31-May-2004Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4A and Cry4B mosquito-larvicidal proteins: Homology-based 3D model and implications for toxin activityChanan Angsuthanasombat; Panapat Uawithya; Somphob Leetachewa; Walairat Pornwiroon; Puey Ounjai; Teerakiat Kerdcharoen; Gerd Katzenmeier; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2008Characterization and organization of the U6 snRNA gene in zebrafish and usage of their promoters to express short hairpin RNASurintorn Boonanuntanasarn; Sakol Panyim; Goro Yoshizaki; Suranaree University of Technology; Mahidol University; National University Corporation Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
11-Oct-1999Characterization and PCR detection of hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV) from Penaeus monodon in ThailandWasana Sukhumsirichart; Chainarong Wongteerasupaya; Vichai Boonsaeng; Sakol Panyim; Siriporn Sriurairatana; Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul; T. W. Flegel; Mahidol University; Srinakharinwirot University
21-Mar-2008Characterization of Argonaute cDNA from Penaeus monodon and implication of its role in RNA interferenceManasave Dechklar; Apinunt Udomkit; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
21-May-2002Characterization of regions of the cyanobacterial tRNApro gene that affect the expression of a β-glucuronidase reporter geneWipa Chungjatupornchai; Sirirat Fa-Aroonsawat; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2001Charged residue screening in helix 4 of the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4B toxin reveals one critical residue for larvicidal activityIssara Sramala; Somphob Leetacheewa; Chartchai Krittanai; Gerd Katzenmeier; Sakol Panyim; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University
20-Jun-2016Cholesterol-based cationic liposome increases dsRNA protection of yellow head virus infection in Penaeus vannameiPoohrawind Sanitt; Nuttapon Apiratikul; Nattisa Niyomtham; Boon Ek Yingyongnarongkul; Wanchai Assavalapsakul; Sakol Panyim; Apinunt Udomkit; Mahidol University; Srinakharinwirot University; Ramkhamhaeng University; Chulalongkorn University
1-Jul-2011Clearance of Penaeus monodon densovirus in naturally pre-infected shrimp by combined ns1 and vp dsRNAsPongsopee Attasart; Rossukon Kaewkhaw; Chaweewan Chimwai; Ukrit Kongphom; Sakol Panyim; Mahidol University
1-Feb-2003Cloning and characterization of a cytolytic and mosquito larvicidal δ-endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. darmstadiensisBoonhiang Promdonkoy; Namchai Chewawiwat; Sutipa Tanapongpipat; Plearnpis Luxananil; Sakol Panyim; Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2004Cloning and characterization of a mosquito larvicidal toxin produced during vegetative stage of Bacillus sphaericus 2297Boonhiang Promdonkoy; Patcharee Promdonkoy; Sutipa Tanapongpipat; Plearnpis Luxananil; Namchai Chewawiwat; Mongkon Audtho; Sakol Panyim; Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; Mahidol University