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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-2009Adventitious changes in long-range gene expression caused by polymorphic structural variation and promoter competitionKaren M. Lower; Jim R. Hughes; Marco De Gobbi; Shirley Henderson; Vip Viprakasit; Chris Fisher; Anne Goriely; Helena Ayyub; Jackie Sloane-Stanley; Douglas Vernimmen; Cordelia Langford; David Garrick; Richard J. Gibbons; Douglas R. Higgs; John Radcliffe Hospital; Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust; Mahidol University; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
1-Oct-2016A novel 33-Gene targeted resequencing panel provides accurate, clinical-grade diagnosis and improves patient management for rare inherited anaemiasNoémi B.A. Roy; Edward A. Wilson; Shirley Henderson; Katherine Wray; Christian Babbs; Steven Okoli; Wale Atoyebi; Avery Mixon; Mary R. Cahill; Peter Carey; Jonathan Cullis; Julie Curtin; Helene Dreau; David J.P. Ferguson; Brenda Gibson; Georgina Hall; Joanne Mason; Mary Morgan; Melanie Proven; Amrana Qureshi; Joaquin Sanchez Garcia; Nongnuch Sirachainan; Juliana Teo; Ulf Tedgård; Doug Higgs; David Roberts; Irene Roberts; Anna Schuh; John Radcliffe Hospital; Churchill Hospital; Erlanger Hospital; Cork University Hospital; Royal Victoria Infirmary; Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust; Sydney Children's Hospitals Network; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; Royal Hospital for Sick Children Glasgow; Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust; Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia; Mahidol University; Skånes universitetssjukhus