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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2010Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of a full-length active form of the Cry4Ba toxin from Bacillus thuringiensisNiramon Thamwiriyasati; Somsri Sakdee; Phimonphan Chuankhayan; Gerd Katzenmeier; Chun Jung Chen; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University; National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Taiwan; National Tsing Hua University; National Cheng Kung University
20-Sep-2018Enhancement of insect susceptibility and larvicidal efficacy of Cry4Ba toxin by calcofluorSomphob Leetachewa; Narumol Khomkhum; Somsri Sakdee; Ping Wang; Saengduen Moonsom; Mahidol University; Cornell University New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
1-Feb-2018A Helicobacter pylori Vacuolating Cytotoxin A: Mouse DHFR Fusion Protein Triggers Dye Release from LiposomesAung Khine Linn; Nitchakan Samainukul; Somsri Sakdee; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Gerd Katzenmeier; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2007High level of soluble expression in Escherichia coli and characterisation of the cloned Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4Ba domain III fragmentPoramed Chayaratanasin; Seangdeun Moonsom; Somsri Sakdee; Urai Chaisri; Gerd Katzenmeier; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University
22-Apr-2011In vivo identification of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4Ba toxin receptors by RNA interference knockdown of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-linked aminopeptidase N transcripts in Aedes aegypti larvaeSuchada Saengwiman; Aratee Aroonkesorn; Plaipol Dedvisitsakul; Somsri Sakdee; Somphob Leetachewa; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Kusol Pootanakit; Mahidol University
21-Aug-2015Potential prepore trimer formation by the Bacillus thuringiensis mosquito-specific toxin: Molecular insights into a critical prerequisite of membrane-bound monomersWilaiwan Sriwimol; Aratee Aroonkesorn; Somsri Sakdee; Chalermpol Kanchanawarin; Takayuki Uchihashi; Toshio Ando; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University; Kasetsart University; Kanazawa University; Biophysics Institute for Research and Development
1-Nov-2018Purification and characterization of the antibacterial peptidase lysostaphin from Staphylococcus simulans: Adverse influence of Zn <sup>2+</sup> on bacteriolytic activitySuvash Chandra Ojha; Chompounoot Imtong; Kanungsuk Meetum; Somsri Sakdee; Gerd Katzenmeier; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University; Prince of Songkla University; Biophysics Institute for Research and Development (BIRD)
25-Jul-2014Single-reversal charge in the β10-β11 receptor-binding loop of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4Aa and Cry4Ba toxins reflects their different toxicity against Culex spp. larvaeSarinporn Visitsattapongse; Somsri Sakdee; Somphob Leetacheewa; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Mahidol University; Biophysics Institute for Research and Development (BIRD)
15-Apr-2017Zn<sup>2+</sup>-dependent autocatalytic activity of the Bordetella pertussis CyaA-hemolysinVeerada Raksanoh; Lalida Shank; Panchika Prangkio; Mattayaus Yentongchai; Somsri Sakdee; Chompounoot Imtong; Chanan Angsuthanasombat; Chiang Mai University; Mahidol University; Prince of Songkla University; Biophysics Institute for Research and Development (BIRD)