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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2010Effect of human β-globin bacterial artificial chromosome transgenesis on embryo cryopreservation in mouse modelsDuangjai Boonkusol; Andras Dinnyes; Tassanee Faisaikarm; Parisatcha Sangsuwan; Nathnapith Pratipnatalang; Mayurachat Sa-Ardrit; Kulnasan Saikhun; Saovaros Svasti; Jim Vadolas; Pranee Winichagoon; Suthat Fucharoen; Yindee Kitiyanant; Srinakharinwirot University; Szent Istvan Egyetem; Mahidol University; University of Melbourne
2-Feb-2007Effects of vitrification procedures on subsequent development and ultrastructure of in vitro-matured swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytesDuangjai Boonkusol; Tassanee Faisaikarm; Andras Dinnyes; Yindee Kitiyanant; Mahidol University; Srinakharinwirot University; The Institute of Science and Technology for Research and Development, Mahidol University; Agricultural Biotechnology Center Godollo; BioTalentum Ltd.
1-Jan-2015Influence of discontinuous PuresPerm® and OptiPrep™ gradient centrifugations on bovine sperm quality and the sex ratio of in vitro produced embryosKakanang Buranaamnuay; Parisatcha Sangsuwan; Chinarat Changsangfa; Tassanee Faisaikarm; Kampon Kaeoket; Mahidol University; Rajabhat University
1-Jan-2020Neuronal differentiation of dental pulp stem cells from human permanent and deciduous teeth following coculture with rat auditory brainstem slicesThanasup Gonmanee; Hathaitip Sritanaudomchai; Kutkao Vongsavan; Tassanee Faisaikarm; Anupong Songsaad; Kenneth L. White; Charoensri Thonabulsombat; Utah State University; Walailak University; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2013Phenotypic comparison of four thalassemia model mice reconstructed from cryo-banked embryosD. Boonkusol; A. Dinnyés; Mayurachat Sa-Ardrit; Saovaros Svasti; Tassanee Faisaikarm; J. Vadolas; Suthat Fucharoen; Yindee Kitiyanant; Rajabhat University; Szent Istvan Egyetem; Mahidol University; University of Melbourne
1-Dec-2015A role of oestrogen in aggravating SLE-like syndrome in C4-deficient micePrapassorn Boonsoongnern; Tassanee Faisaikarm; Parisatcha Sangsuwan; Wattana Weerachatyanukul; Yindee Kitiyanant; Mahidol University