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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2018Activation of coagulation and endothelium with concurrent impairment of anticoagulant mechanisms in patients with typhoid feverHanna K. de Jong; Chris M. Parry; Thomas W. van der Vaart; Liesbeth M. Kager; Stannie J. van den Ende; Rapeephan R. Maude; Lalith Wijedoru; Aniruddha Ghose; Mohammed U. Hassan; Mohammed A. Hossain; Arjan M. Dondorp; Steve Baker; M. Abul Faiz; Joost C.M. Meijers; W. Joost Wiersinga; Churchill Hospital; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Mahidol University; Chittagong Medical College Hospital; Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam; Centre for Specialized Care and Research; Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU)
1-Oct-2015The diagnostic accuracy of three rapid diagnostic tests for typhoid fever at Chittagong Medical College Hospital, Chittagong, BangladeshRapeephan R. Maude; Hanna K. de Jong; Lalith Wijedoru; Masako Fukushima; Aniruddha Ghose; Rasheda Samad; Mohammed Amir Hossain; Mohammed Rezaul Karim; Mohammed Abul Faiz; Christopher M. Parry; Abdullah Abu Sayeed; Mahtab Uddin Hasan; Wirichada Pan-Ngum; Thomas W. van der Vaart; Asok Kumar Dutta; Nasir Uddin Mahmud; Murad Hero; Nafiz Iqbal; Zabeen Chaudhury; Tran Vu Thieu Nga; Pham Thanh Duy; Voong Vinh Phat; Richard J. Maude; Stephen Baker; W. Joost Wiersinga; Tom van der Poll; Nicholas P. Day; Arjen M. Dondorp; Mahidol University; Division of Infectious Diseases and Center for Infection and Immunity Amsterdam (CINIMA); Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Chittagong Medical College Hospital; Centre for Specialized Care and Research; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Nagasaki University