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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016ESR investigation of NR and IR rubber vulcanized with different cross-linking agentsP. Posadas; M. A. Malmierca; A. González-Jiménez; L. Ibarra; A. Rodríguez; J. L. Valentin; T. Nagaoka; H. Yajima; S. Toki; J. Che; L. Rong; B. S. Hsiao; CSIC - Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Polimeros (ICTP); Tokyo University of Science; Mahidol University; Stony Brook University
21-Jan-2014Ghost modes and continuum scattering in the dimerized distorted kagome lattice antiferromagnet Rb 2 Cu 3 SnF 12K. Matan; Y. Nambu; Y. Zhao; T. J. Sato; Y. Fukumoto; T. Ono; H. Tanaka; C. Broholm; A. Podlesnyak; G. Ehlers; Mahidol University; ThEP; Tohoku University; University of Maryland; NIST Center for Neutron Research; Tokyo University of Science; Osaka Prefecture University; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Johns Hopkins University; Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1-Feb-2010Novel method of synthesis of R<sup>3+</sup>:YVO<inf>4</inf> (where R=Nd, Er) crystalsC. K. Chandrashekar; B. Basavalingu; K. M.Lokanatha Rai; S. Ananda; T. Tonthai; K. Soga; K. Byrappa; University of Mysore; Mahidol University; Tokyo University of Science
1-Nov-2010Pinwheel valence-bond solid and triplet excitations in the two-dimensional deformed kagome latticeK. Matan; T. Ono; Y. Fukumoto; T. J. Sato; J. Yamaura; M. Yano; K. Morita; H. Tanaka; University of Tokyo; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Tokyo University of Science; Mahidol University