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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016Effect of 20-hydroxyecdysone on proteolytic regulation in skeletal muscle atrophyMuthita Hirunsai; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Apichart Suksamrarn; Srinakharinwirot University; Mahidol University; Chulalongkorn University; Ramkhamhaeng University
2010The effect of 40% oxygen supplemental at pre-exercise period on apparent oxygen consumption and maximal workloadChakarg Pongurgsorn; Thyon Chentanez.; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Sittichoke Pinvisad
2011Effects of 40% oxygen supplemental during recovery period of repeated exercise bouts on rate of recoveryChakarg Pongurgsorn; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Thyon Chentanez.; Ophas Aksornchanya
1-Jun-2015Heat stress promotes extracellular matrix remodelling via TGF-β1 and MMP-2/TIMP-2 modulation in tenotomised soleus and plantaris musclesMuthita Hirunsai; Ratchakrit Srikuea; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Mahidol University
1-Apr-2005Mechanical ventilation induces alterations of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in the diaphragmKeith C. DeRuisseau; Andreas N. Kavazis; Melissa A. Deering; Darin J. Falk; Darin Van Gammeren; Tossaporn Yimlamai; George A. Ordway; Scott K. Powers; University of Florida; Mahidol University; UT Southwestern Medical School
Jul-2012Psychophysiological changes of cigarette smokers to stimuli of aerobic and anaerobic exercisesThyon Chentanez; Yaowalak Anothayanont; Panya Kimuk; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Mahidol University. College of Sports Science and Technology; Mahidol University. Faculty of Science
1-Nov-2010Satellite cell activity in muscle regeneration after contusion in ratsRatchakrit Srikuea; Chumpol Pholpramool; Yindee Kitiyanant; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Mahidol University
21-Mar-2012Stevioside enhances satellite cell activation by inhibiting of NF-κB signaling pathway in regenerating muscle after cardiotoxin-induced injuryTipwadee Bunprajun; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Sunhapas Soodvilai; Chatchai Muanprasat; Varanuj Chatsudthipong; Mahidol University
1-Sep-2018A study on ACE, ACTN3, and VDR genes polymorphism in Thai weightliftersLuckhana Pimjan; Chalermporn Ongvarrasopone; Wasun Chantratita; Chumpol Polpramool; Pipat Cherdrungsi; Phuwadol Bangrak; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Walailak University; Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University; Mahidol University; Institute of Molecular Biosciences
1-Dec-2016Therapeutic Pulsed Ultrasound Promotes Revascularization and Functional Recovery of Rat Skeletal Muscle after Contusion InjuryAreeya Chongsatientam; Tossaporn Yimlamai; Mahidol University