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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2009Association of high Orientia tsutsugamushi DNA loads with disease of greater severity in adults with scrub typhusPiengchan Sonthayanon; Wirongrong Chierakul; Vanaporn Wuthiekanun; Kriangsak Phimda; Sasithon Pukrittayakamee; Nicholas P. Day; Sharon J. Peacock; Mahidol University; Udon Thani Regional Hospital; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
7-Feb-2011Diagnostic accuracy of real-time PCR assays targeting 16S rRNA and lipl32 genes for human leptospirosis in Thailand: A case-control studyJanjira Thaipadunpanit; Wirongrong Chierakul; Vanaporn Wuthiekanun; Direk Limmathurotsakul; Premjit Amornchai; Siriphan Boonslip; Lee D. Smythe; Roongrueng Limpaiboon; Alex R. Hoffmaster; Nicholas P.J. Day; Sharon J. Peacock; Mahidol University; Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University; Queensland Health; Udon Thani Regional Hospital; National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; University of Cambridge
1-Jul-2017Evolution of the Staphylococcus argenteus ST2250 clone in Northeastern Thailand is linked with the acquisition of livestock-associated staphylococcal genesDanesh Moradigaravand; Dorota Jamrozy; Rafal Mostowy; Annaliesa Anderson; Emma K. Nickerson; Janjira Thaipadungpanit; Vanaporn Wuthiekanun; Direk Limmathurotsakul; Sarunporn Tandhavanant; Chanthiwa Wikraiphat; Gumphol Wongsuvan; Nittaya Teerawattanasook; Yaowaruk Jutrakul; Nuttiya Srisurat; Prajuab Chaimanee; T. Eoin West; Beth Blane; Julian Parkhill; Narisara Chantratita; Sharon J. Peacock; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; Imperial College London; Pfizer Vaccine Research and Development; Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Mahidol University; Sunpasitthiprasong Hospital; Udon Thani Regional Hospital; Khon Kaen Regional Hospital; Khon Kaen University; University of Washington, Seattle; University of Cambridge; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
1-Jan-2007Release of granzymes and chemokines in Thai patients with leptospirosisM. De Fost; W. Chierakul; R. Limpaiboon; A. Dondorp; N. J. White; T. Van Der Poll; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; Mahidol University; Udon Thani Regional Hospital; University of Oxford
1-Oct-2009Short report: The microscopic agglutination test (MAT) is an unreliable predictor of infecting Leptospira serovar in ThailandLee D. Smythe; Vanaporn Wuthiekanun; Wirongrong Chierakul; Yupin Suputtamongkol; Surapee Tiengrim; Michael F. Dohnt; Meegan L. Symonds; Andrew T. Slack; Apichat Apiwattanaporn; Sunee Chueasuwanchai; Nicholas P. Day; Sharon J. Peacock; Queensland Health; Mahidol University; Udon Thani Regional Hospital