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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity and inhibition of key enzymes relevant to Alzheimer's disease from sweet pepper (capsicum annuum) extractsKantamanee Thuphairo; Puttacha Sornchan; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2017Determination of GABA content in Thai brown rice by an optimized enzyme-based methodSuwapat Kittibunchakul; Parunya Thiyajai; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Chalat Santivarangkna; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2018The effect of coconut jelly with stevia as a natural sweetener on blood glucose, insulin and C-peptide responses in twelve healthy subjectsChaowanee Chupeerach; Cholathip Yothakulsiri; Rungrat Chamchan; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Kitti Sranacharoenpong; Anchalee Tungtrongchitr; Nattira On-Nom; Mahidol University; Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
1-Apr-2020The effect of cultivar variation on total phenolic contents and antioxidant activities of date palm fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.)Jeerawan Hinkaew; Yuraporn Sahasakul; Nattapol Tangsuphoom; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2017Hydroxamate inhibitor profiling of both zn<sup>2+</sup>- and ni<sup>2+</sup>-activated glyoxalase i metalloenzymes having diverse quaternary structuresUthaiwan Suttisansanee; John F. Honek; University of Waterloo; Mahidol University
1-Apr-2015Modulating glyoxalase i metal selectivity by deletional mutagenesis: Underlying structural factors contributing to nickel activation profilesUthaiwan Suttisansanee; Yanhong Ran; Kadia Y. Mullings; Nicole Sukdeo; John F. Honek; University of Waterloo; Mahidol University; Jinan University; GreenLight Biosciences; University of Northern British Columbia
1-Apr-2020Mulberry fruit cultivar ‘Chiang Mai’ prevents beta-amyloid toxicity in PC12 neuronal cells and in a Drosophila model of Alzheimer’s diseaseUthaiwan Suttisansanee; Somsri Charoenkiatkul; Butsara Jongruaysup; Somying Tabtimsri; Dalad Siriwan; Piya Temviriyanukul; Kasetsart University; Thailand Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Mahidol University; Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture Center (Kanchanaburi)
1-Mar-2012Ni 2 +-activated glyoxalase i from Escherichia coli: Substrate specificity, kinetic isotope effects and evolution within the βαβββ superfamilyKadia Y. Mullings; Nicole Sukdeo; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Yanhong Ran; John F. Honek; University of Waterloo; GreenLight Biosciences; The University of British Columbia; Mahidol University; Jinan University
1-Jan-2019Preliminary characterization of a Ni<sup>2+</sup>-activated and mycothiol-dependent glyoxalase I enzyme from streptomyces coelicolorUthaiwan Suttisansanee; John F. Honek; University of Waterloo; Mahidol University
1-Nov-2019Single and mixed lactic acid bacteria culture fermentation in red bean milk for development of a functional beverageJetsaraporn Naprasert; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Varongsiri Kemsawasd; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2020Sweet sticky rice puree diet for elderly with dysphagiaPaweerisa Choichuedee; Uthaiwan Suttisansanee; Chatrapa Hudthagosol; Promluck Sanporkha; Mahidol University